Which artist do you wish you’d seen?

Soooooo many to choose from, but given a free Time Machine trip to 3 concerts;
Stevie Ray Vaughan at the end
Joni Mitchell 1973
Crosby, Stills & Nash
…and I’d definitely try and get to see Rush on the 2112 tour😁


Just three

Frank Sinatra
Eva Cassidy
Leonard Cohen

If I could add some others

Jacqueline DuPre
Johnnie Cash

Sounds like an easy task until you begin to type. After much consideration I’ll opt for:

Rory Gallagher - such an underrated guitarist.
Sex Pistols - love 'em loathe 'em they changed music and attitudes.
Kate Bush - some artists have drifted in and out of my life but there’s never been a time when I didn’t listen to Kate Bush.


Joni Mitchell.
The Allman Bros.
Kate Bush.

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The OP said 3 artists. Like me my list gets longer rather than shorter.

My older brothers saw The Beatles many times incl at The Cavern.


The Mahavishnu Orchestra (original lineup)
John Coltrane
Bill Evans

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Wow - lucky older brother. I bet that was an experience looking back!

They’ve never let me forget it!

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Rick Wakeman
Neil Diamond

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Jethro (70’s)
Joy Division
Beastie Boys (90’s)
Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley

Bob Marley
The Who

All in their prime obviously :grinning:

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The Beatles
David Bowie
Eva Cassidy
(with Elvis Presley as first reserve)

Tom Petty
David Bowie
King Crimson

Joni Mitchell (Shadows and Light era)
Jimi Hendrix

(Ask me again in 10 minutes and another 3 could easily be on the list, Bach improvising on the organ, the Beach Boys (1960s), the Allman Brothers, John Coltrane, Led Zeppelin, Enrico Caruso, so many choices……)


This is in reverse to the question, sorry, but I was lucky enough to see the Beatles at what was the Hammersmith Odeon, now I think the Apollo.
I would have been about 19 and sat about three quarters back in the stalls. Place was mostly full of young girls who just screamed all the way through. So much so that you could not hear any music whatsoever.
This was partially solved by subtitlles being used. On reflection it was probably quite exhausting, but I was only 19.

The screaming contributed to their decision to stop touring.

I saw the Beatles at a local dance hall in Sheffield just before their first release and they were famous.
It’s now a Coop supermarket

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And to bands getting louder.

Bruce Springsteen
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
The Clash
Kate Bush