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Any advice much appreciated as I have little experience beyond playing cds and vinyl. I want to get a streaming device to feed into my sn2 amp. The NDX2 was the suggestion from a previous post but before spending a sizeable lump of cash I want to be sure it does what I expect. Or maybe I could spend less or buy second hand for the same results. I really have no idea…
My goal…

  1. SQ potentially matches my Naim CD player 2. It will access a NAS wirelessly from another room? 3.It will play from a usb stick and hard drive.
    I have my own collection of music so don’t intend to subscribe. I still like to buy CDs. I have them on my laptop as FLAC and wav. The WiFi hub is next to my rack the NAS & the pc would be in another room. In the near future I plan to have a second listening room when building work is finished.

The ndx2 can do all those things, though wired would be better that wireless for ensured stability. Your nas ideally should be capable of running asset or minimserver or another appropriate upnp server.

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In case you do not want to subscribe to Tidal or another streaming platform, then you could easily live with the streaming capabilities of the NDX instead of ND5XS2 or NDX2. Quite some offers now second hand…saves you some money to buy cd’s :).


Would the ND5XS2 be an option? Cheaper than the NDX2 but has the newer platform.

Wait for the new kit announcement?

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Rip all your CDs, sell the CD player and get either a NDX2 or ND5 XS2 depending on your budget. My CD5si has spent the last year in its box since I got the ND5 XS2 as streaming is just so much more convenient. You say you have a music collection and so do I but for the price of a CD or two each month Qobuz gives access to an enormous amount of music, a lot of it in hi-res which will really get the best out of those two streamers. I’ll always look for a Qobuz hi-res version of CDs I have ripped as they usually (but not always) sound better. I have my ND5 XS2 with a SN3 and that is a great combination, NDX2 should be even more so. I’ll still buy CDs occasionally but they just get ripped to my NAS.

As elverdiblanco says, but if, like me, you only buy CD’s occasionally the NDX1 (that’s been really well looked after) is a HUGE bargain & can be upgraded with a power supply when funds allow :relaxed:

That’s what everyone says when they make the move to streaming! I used to think the same, but as Naim added more streaming services I grew used to the convenience, and the ease with which you can discover great new music. I still use my locally stored collection of CD rips and downloads, but rarely feel the need to add to it as there is usually a 24 bit Qobuz version available.

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I manage with new or second hand CDs and rip these with EAC to FLAC on my Qnap NAS. Player is a 172 and no subscription services. Occasionally I purchase downloads from Bandcamp etc.

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I can only echo this view. Just under 1,800 albums in CD ripped to my Innuos. I started with buying downloads and thought I’d continue with CD for boxed sets only.

16 year old accesses Tidal on his Muso QB. Downstairs we’re on ripped CDs, Tidal and Qobuz. Last night I added 54 albums off Qobuz I had on vinyl which I’ve never been able to replace on CD. I was spending nil to £50 on downloads. £35 for Tidal and Qobuz looks a bargain. Buying a first generation Naim streamer could be a significant waste of money once you’ve got to grips with streaming.

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