Which cable do I need to connect a 555PS to a 272?

Hi - apologies for the brevity, I have tried a Forum search and am a little pressed for time. I bought a second hand 555PS in the US and it shipped without its burndy. I understand there are a few options for the connecting cables from the 555 dependent upon what it’s being connected to.

Can a kind soul with experience of a similar system (Hungry Halibut?) let me know what I need to buy to connect the two together.

Thank you all for your time.

First off, did you have the device converted for use on a UK 240V mains supply? Assuming you are in the UK, of course.

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The S-XPS Burndy is the one that you need

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As mentioned above, the s-xps Burndy, FYI, the Burndy is not supplied when buying a new 555PS, so therefore, when buying second-hand, it’s not expected to come with the 555ps unless otherwise stated.

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Thanks - good to know. I absolve the previous owner and have dismantled the voodoo doll.

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It’s for use in the US, Chris.


Phew! For some reason I thought you were in Blighty.


Interpol is similarly stumped.


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