Which cable type please - NAP 250 to ATOM

Can I ask what sort of cable folk have used to connect a NAP250 (3 pin xlr) to a Uniti ATOMphono rca?
Asking as I assume one of the pins would have been a power line?

Many thanks

You need a 2x RCA Phono to single XLR interconnect. Make sure the XLR is specified as wired for Naim and NOT balanced. Probably will have to be made up to order, although you may find something cheap, cheerful and ready to go from the usual places like eBay etc…

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No power pin to worry about with the 250.


As Richard mentions, most of the popular cable sellers will be able to make you up a cable to the specific wiring of the 250 XLR socket.

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I am using the standard pre to power Naim interconnect cable, with the din plug removed and replaced with phono plugs between my Star and 250DR, which my dealer made up for me. I have tried some other cables but the modified Naim cable sounded best to my ears.


Trying to connect my Atom (RCA) to my newly acquired NAP250. I need a lead, quickest route for a cheapy is Amazon…I’ll get a decent cable soon. Here’s the wiring diagram…not sure it’d give me two channel stereo?

Many thanks

No - that’s completely wrong for what you want. Any cable supplier should be able to make up what you need. Show them the picture of the socket wiring on the 250 so they understand the configuration needed.

Basically the left RCA centre pin should connect to 250 XLR Ch1. Right centre pin to Ch2. Outer of both to -ve

As James confirms, that’s incorrect. You need one specific for Naim, as per the wiring diagram on the back of the NAP250 (see above).

Blue jeans will make you one up, and IME have a quick turnaround and are good quality. I’d see no need to get a different one after.

I’ve ordered a DIN4/RCA2 from Audiocables EU, one days wait and in transit, excellent communications, fair prices, as good as Flashback days, inside EU.

Thank you, that’s most helpful, appreciate your help Richard. Paul.

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