Which cartridge for new Rega P3

Hi Guys,
I’m getting back into analogue so I’m buying a Rega P3 very soon but I’m confused about which cartridge to partner the P3?

My options are, Rega Elys 2 , Exact, Nagaoka MP-150 & 110 I’m looking to buy a Rega Fono preamp. I’m minded to get the P3 fitted with an Elys but if I’m not happy then sell it and get a Nagaoka MP-150. It’s a rather good situation having a choice but are there any more cartridges out there for around £250 which will do a better job?

I’d be grateful for any advice and thanks in advance

I can HIGHLY recommend either an AT VM95 ML or SH (I had the SH on my P6 and now on my P8). I also love my Reson Mica (which is a tweaked version of a Goldring 1042). The Goldring is a great buy too.

Both have replaceable stylus which are upgradeable.

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I would go for rega exact, or clearaudio mm ( virtuoso v2). If you prefer a softer sound, a Benz Ace.

I would imagine that the P3 with Exact and Fono should be a perfect match - With the P3 and Fono a given, I’d say go for the Exact - you should get a bit of a discount too if purchased as a package.


Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for all your help, so I’m the end I went for a, P3,Elys, Fono mk3 & for an extra £17:00 I will have a smoked dust lid.

I originally went for the above with the, Exact cartridge but my dealer recommended I stick with the Elys which was surprising to me to be honest. He basically said it wasn’t worth paying the extra for the Exact. I know this may prompt P3 Exact owners to question my decision, but only time will tell and I’m feeling very lucky to be getting back into records for the first time in decades and with such as superb turntable. It’s being delivered on Monday and I’m really looking forward to spinning some discs. Oh, and the Rega will be planted on a new Rega wall support.

I’ll just see how it goes for now and I’ve bought some new and old vinyl which both myself and my wife chose together.

I’ll report back in due course, but again, thanks to all for your help.



That’s great, I’m sure you’ll love it. The ‘packages’ Rega suggest make a lot of sense and you get a nice little saving. I have a smoked lid on my new Planar 6 and really like it - it gives a nice retro stealthy look.

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Hi, @Mr.Paws. Years ago, on my Planar3, I upgraded my newish Elys(1) to Exact(1). I do not recall that the difference was huge or particularly meaningful to me in my system. Though I had no regrets, I did not feel I could recommend the move to others. Maybe more discernible higher up, at P9 level. Both carts were excellent.


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Or something different …
Linn Adikt cartridge and
Lejonklou Gaio or Slipsik phono stage.

I’ve got a Goldring 2500 on a P3-24, works nicely.
I’ve used various Ortofon 2M carts on P3 and RP6 and like those, on a P3 maybe a Blue would be a good balance.

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Hello to all, Just thought I’d post an update on my new toy arriving today and it’s landed safely and it’s singing away right now to, Dire Straits, On Every Street. This is a new purchase comprising of two records and I have to say it sounds sublime and it will get better I’m sure. The deck was easy to set up and I’m grinning. It’s the first time I’ve purchased a new record player and new LP’s in well over thirty years and I’m glad i took the plunge.

It’s cost me a few quid and I’m already re-familiarising myself with vinyl maintenance, levelling the turntable, which is mounted on a Rega wall bracket. My only problem is where to put the Fono. Some head scratching needed, could’ve done with a longer phono lead from the P3 but I’m sure I’ll sort something out.

Maybe I can put some pictures up if I can figure out how to :sweat_smile:

More to follow…

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Yes it sure looks nice, very classy and it’s sounding better the more I play records. Just played S&G Bridge Over Troubled Water 50th Birthday Pressing on Gold plastic and wow the power of some of the tracks is fabulous just great. :sunglasses::+1:

Any dealer who tells you not to spend more is worth staying with


A little unorthodox perhaps, but this is what I’ve done with mine.

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Hungry halibut, What a great idea, looks great :+1: and I might go for a similar setup but I do have an idea which might work but it’s a long shot. I won’t go into detail just yet as it might not happen.

There are of course those 2 extra PSU’s to contend with :sweat_smile:

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How does one level the TT? The Rega TT stand isn’t that easy to attach to the wall.

The key is to get the bracket absolutely level left to right. It needs a very sharp drill and a steady hand. Drill a small hole first then go for the full size. That’s the only way to do it. You then level front to back using the lower screws.

Being the OCD/anal type I am, these days I centre Puch my walls before running a pilot hole. Measure twice, punch then drill. And still square ( using a square if necessary to guide). My Rega bracket is spot on. Side/side and of course front/back.
The new design if Rega bracket is real easy to fit. It even tells you to have a gap of a couple of mm at the top to then allow adjustment on the bottom jacking bolts. Easy.

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Absolutely. Punch the plaster first, otherwise the drill can skid all over the place.

I started the first hole with a new 4mm drill using an old Black & Decker Quattro corded drill as it spins a lot faster than my battery drill and the hammer is much better too, butt, went through a joint so I had move up around an inch and a half then all good from there using a 7mm drill and brown rawlugs.

My walls are old and not plum vertically so I had to pull the bracket out a bit use a longer Identical screw and pack behind the bracket. It’s not ideal but when next decorate I’m going to sort the wall if I don’t move the Rega from the wall remove a hole in the wall fire and stick it there.

But that’s another project altogether :sweat_smile:

Sometimes there’s no way a drill is ever going to stay centred where you want it, on a brick or stone wall. I find the best solution is to drill an oversized hole and use a resin fixing. Then you can centre the fixing in the resin before it cures. Make the final tightening after the resin has hardened, knowing that you have already centred it.