Which circuit breaker are you using?

Which circuit breaker are you using for your system? Which circuit breaker do you think is the best for Naim? I am now using MEM (Typ 2, 20A), but I feel it’s a bit overall dim.

As electrical code differs considerably from one territory to the next, it would be helpful to let others know where you are located, otherwise any comparisons are at best meaningless, and at worst potentially dangerous.


No, I am based in Germany. But indeed, circuit breakers make the sound very different. I know people may not believe this, but once you give it a try, you will know. This is why there are audio-grade MCBs and RCCBs on the market, such as the Doepke DFS audio.

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Thanks for your reminder. I am based in Germany. Just curious about if anyone has experience with sound characters of different MCBs.

Why would you have a circuit breaker at all?

Is there a benefit to having one?

I don’t think that I have one - unless these are on the mainboard, which has separate trip switches for various parts of the house’s electrical system.

To comply with electrical / consumer unit regs I guess, and to keep people and property safe. A sparky will be along soon to confirm no doubt.

I recommend really giving it a try. Not only about safety but also sound quality. Huge influence.

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I assume that’s what this is about (although ‘mainboard’ may mean a dedicated separate consumer unit not the one serving the rest of the house.

Domestic electrical regulations & the equipment specs are generally the same/similar around mainland Europe.
However they are not the same in UK & that is the case with circuit breakers.

I advise whatever you might do as a result of this thread you first get the advice of a professional electrician.


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