Which connect for an HDX?

I have bought a 2nd hand HDX and it is away being refreshed at the mo. I have just realised it did not come with a connect. A quick look in the manual and it does not specify which one you need. Do I need a 4 pin or a 5 pin ? (it is going into a 282 BTW) I cant seem to find answer anywhere on this forum or the web … Also throw this in the mix … is it worth paying up for a highline ? I have seen mixed reviews on them, ie is an improvement but fragile. I dont have a seperate power supply for the HDX so would I be better off saving my cash and putting it towards that instead ?
Many thanks !

It’s probably a choice between the standard lavender/grey DIN5 interconnect (very good by the way), the Hi-line, or maybe even a Super Lumina. Best value by far would be the standard i/c.

As with all Naim sources the Interconnect is a 180 degree DIN, Its the same DIN plug config as the input you will use on your 282.
HiLine is up to you, I would go for something a little more robust TBH. The stnd Naim Lavender is an excellent cable, FlashBack Sales (www) make great quality sensible priced cables, the Premium series even gives you a choice of colours. Chord have a great range reasonably priced at the bottom end but get into silly prices for the high end
I would not go for a PSU, but if one comes along in the future, why not.

Sounds like a 5 pin standard is the way to go. Thanks as always !

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