Which DAC for Node?

Use my BS Node ( latest version) to feed my second system of 72/hc/250 and little Dali Zensor 1 speakers.

But, I’m curious if a decent DAC between the Node and 72 would bring some positive changes?

In my head I’m thinking of Qutest, naim dac or naim dac v1.
The v1 doesnt appear to get much love. Is there a reason for this?


What’s the budget?
I’d be inclined towards a Qutest of those options, or perhaps one of the iFi DAC’s, even a Chord Mojo?

Budget is less of a driver, but still important! Id say upto £800?

Could likely pick up an nDAC for just a little more.

Whether you prefer nDAC or Qutest likely personal preference.

I have a Node 2i. Added a Qutest - is better (different?) but certainly not night and day stuff. I’d have a serious listen before taking the plunge - Nodes are pretty good. In fact I find that streamers, dacs, streaming dacs, etc. are all pretty well sorted these days. It is just nuances that differentiate one from another.


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