Which delivers better sound quality

Hi all,

I currently have a Uniti Atom into NAP 200 through Chord Epic cables into KEF LS 50’s which to my ears sounds really good. However, I am contemplating selling the Atom and 200 so I can get a Nait XS 2 amp and ND5 XS 2 Streamer.

Does anyone have any experience of this setup? Not bothered by the lack of screen on the ND5 as it will be hidden away, purely a question of sound quality. Will it be a significant upgrade?

Many thanks in advance!

Have you thought about buying a 2nd hand NAC 202 preamp and partnering this with the NAP200 and then buy a new or ex dem ND5 XS2. I think this would give you a much better SQ than the integrated amp, and you will have a better and easier upgrade path.


Interesting decisions. In all probability they could sound the same. Maybe the separates having the edge by using the din connections and with upgrade options.

I can source a second hand NAC 202 for just over £1000 and a second hand ND5 XS2 for £1600. Maybe this is the way to go…

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Definitely :+1:

Ok - so, (feel free to shoot down this idea) as money is tight, I could theoretically get the 202, use the Atom as the streamer for now, go through the 202 into the 200 and this would potentially benefit sound? Then I can save up for the ND5 XS2 and trade out the Atom at a later date, at which point also purchase the NAPSC…?

Definitely the best and cheapest way to go, over the integrated amp

That’s exactly what I did until I could afford the NDX2. Using the NAC202, NAP 200 and Atom purely as a streamer was a significant boost in SQ over the Atom and NAP 200. Though you will have two volume controls, just set the atom and use the NAC 202 to control the volume.

I have a ND5 XS2 as sole source into a XS2 and am extremely pleased. Extremely musical. Speakers are Audio Physic Tempo Plus floor standers.

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Depending on whether or not you need the added functionality of the ND5xs - Roon, Qobuz and a bigger buffer for online services generally - you could also consider the 272.

I’d think carefully about the 202. It really only comes into its own with both a napsc and a Hicap (or to a lesser extent the preamp supply within the 200DR). Think about what you want to improve. What’s lacking with the Atom? The speakers are modest and well suited to the Atom. Do you ultimately want to climb the ladder to separates and more illustrious speakers? Do you want a four box amplifier, and the shelves to put it on? All those wires? Are you up for spending that sort of money? If you just want a simple system that sounds great, you could do a lot worse than an ND5XS2 and a Nait XS3.


Simple system that sounds better than what I presently own - at the the moment I can’t afford/justify spending thousands on box upon box (much as I would like to) so ideally looking for a two/three box solution. I had Spendor D7’s before LS50’s but they were just too chunky for the room. As such, I am very happy with the KEF’s for now - they produce great clarity and are fit for purpose in the room.

I like the idea of the ND5XS2/XS3 - so i’ll look into this - the more i look into 202 the more additions it seems to require…

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That’s really helpful background - if I were you I’d seriously consider the ND5xs2 and Nait XS3. Keeping things simple is often the best way. There is something delightfully right about boxes that match visually.

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With the ND5 XS2 you may want to see if any dealers have a used NAIT XS 2 (70w) version or SuperNait 2 if you are tight on money. If you do not need the TT functionality of the XS 3 you may find a used integrated as a nice stepping stone.

My first Naim set up was the ND5 XS > XS 2 > ProAc D2 and it was a beautiful sounding system.

Good luck with your decision.

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