Which Dynaudio speaker?


I have NDS+555PS-DR+282+SCDR+NAP250DR.
Intend to buy a pair of DYN speakers for these boxes.
What model suits best for this system which is not too much for my NAP250 ?
My room is rather narrow 6 m x 3 m with 2.9 m cieling.
Stand mount or floorstanding for the given room ?
Any posts are appreciated.

My room is a bit wider than yours and I use Evoke 50s which are very good.
Before this I owned Special 40s which I liked but upgraded my system from a Nova.
Either way Dynaudio are a good fit with Naim. The other make I’ve liked when I’ve heard them with Naim are Kudos.

Given the room dimensions, Contour 30 would probably be a good choice.

What’s your budget? What’s your room size?

The Contour 20 would get my vote. I was very happy with them on my 250 before upgrading to 300 and then Confidence 20.

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I used my 282/250 with Contour S3.4 and then Confidence C2 Platinum. The 250 worked quite well with both. I still have the C2s and recently upgraded to 252/300. While the 250 worked well, the 300 makes the C2s really shine, but I imagine the same could be said for many speakers.

I think a stand-mount is too small for a space that big in my opinion. I’d looks at Evoke 50 or Contour 30 (new) or Focus 380 or Confidence C2 (used).

A stand mount too small for such a small room? That would surprise me. On the other hand I listened to the Focal Kanta 2 and Spendor D7.2 in a rather small room and it was not problem at all. So I’d probably go for floor standers anyway.

The 3m dimension is small, but the 6m large. Overall it is typical of the size of lounge found in many modern homes built in the past couple of decades in UK, and larger in area than the average UK lounge.

If they are pointed down the longest length I think floor standers will be fine.

Budget being an unknown, I’d say Contour 20s. Also Contour 30s for a larger speaker. In my room 13x25 feet I use Contour 20s with a SN3. If that hugest is too much, Evoke 30s should be nice or used Focus 260s or 3.4s.

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