Which Ethernet Cable?

Anybody knows how good is Chord Music or t-Sarum ethernet cable compare to others when they are so expensive from others…is it worth the extra expensive to pay?

:small_blue_diamond:@Meni,…BertBird has written about this in the “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”-thread.

He bought a Chord Music ehternet/streaming-cable a few weeks ago.
So look in that thread.


That conclusion is specific to one installation only.

There’s no reason to generalise that because it works well in one particular installation it’s going to work well in any other installation.


I replaced a cheap internet cable with The Chord Company C-Stream because i was getting audio drop outs. Didn’t make any difference and there was no difference in sound quality either.

Me. It was an insanely expensive buy, but if one ignored it was a cable and treated it as simply another element in the replay channel then the jump in sound quality was worth it to me.


Which expensive buy you got? haaa I saw on your wall…Chord Music really very expensive

Just stumbled across this thread…

I looked at both BJC and Cable Monkey and for what I need, there was a £30 price difference so thought I’d give CM a whirl - is there that much difference in these cables?

If you read the other thread (all 5500+ pages of it), I think you’ll find the answer is: “yes, but… no, but… meybe… huge, A better than B! … huge, B better than A!”

My conclusion is that whether there is an audible difference, how great if there is, and which one you prefer if tgere is, likely depends greatly on the model streamer or renderer/DAC, the electrical environment, the remainder of the network, and your own ears - so it is really a matter of trying and seeing for yourself, maybe more than most items of kit.


Put in a loom of BJC and sit back and enjoy the music. Cables aren’t complicated.


Just had 3m of Cable Monkey Cat6a arrive and I’ve just connected it up - I believe there is a slight increase in the quality of the music I’m hearing - Bowie is currently playing on 6 and the pianos do sound very good. A good tenner spent.

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