Which fuse for XPS DR

Good morning! I’m starting a new topic here because I see the other threads are closed and I’m looking for an answer to my question.
The other day when I turned on my XPS DR power supply that feeds my NAC 272, there was no power. I had to go behind the unit and realized that a fuse had blown. Luckily for me, there was a spare fuse which, as you know, sits in a holder next to the main plug. Now my question is probably a bit nerdy, but I know it has its place here.
The fact that a fuse has burned out can in itself make me a little worried, but it happens. Now the question is which fuse I should buy so I have a spare fuse again, hopefully it won’t be necessary. But is it a specific fuse, or should I just buy one that has the necessary resistance with a capacity up to 250 Volts? The fuse that was in has some colored bands, blue, red, green, red, green, red, four rings. Is this something I should be aware of?

Good morning!

don’t be worried, the XPS is a well known fuse-blower. If I remember correctly, it uses a 2.5A, slow-blow one. Richard will know the correct type.
Except for consumption and related bills, I’d leave it on all time.



That doesn’t look like an original, cetainly the ones I have seen have been clear.

The correct replacement is available from RS Components.

Littelfuse 2.5A T Glass Cartridge Fuse - Stock number 541-2969

Don’t worry too much that the fuse has blown. The XPS is known for blowing fuses. The correct fuse is a time lag slow blow fuse which helps stop it blowing when the unit is switched on, although that’s not always successful!

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The colour bands tell you that that is not an original Naim fuse!

The current rating you want is written next to the fuse holder on the back of the XPS and you want a T5 slowblow. Naim uses fuses made by the Littel company but the easiest way to get them is to buy a few from a Naim dealer.


See here;

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Just to add to what Richard has posted about fuses and fires.
We have new neighbours in the rental property next door…….their bungalow has just burnt down due to an electrical fire, the fuse didn’t blow according to-fire forensics. They and their pets lucky to be alive thanks to a single smoke alarm. The rebuild will have many more alarms!


Thanks Richard
The fuse was actually in the XPS when I bought it from a Naim dealer. I believe the fuse meets the specs (2.5A T Glass Cartridge Fuse) but do you think I should wait to use the XPS until I can maybe get the right ones sent from Naim Support?

In an XPS I would definitely want the correct fuse from Littelfuse - see the FAQ on this one;

Fuses of the correct rating from other manufacturers may work and should be safe. However, some Naim units make greater demands on the rating (the XPS-2 for example) and non-Littel fuses are likely to rupture – always or more often.

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Richard… When you say XPS-2, do you mean XPS DR?
Maybe I should go through all the fuses on all my devices. Besides XPS DR I have additional CDX2, NAC-N272, NAP 250DR. I will contact Naim Support.
Thanks Richard

Naim support won’t supply you fuses. You need to contact a Naim dealer. And the rating is always next to the fuse holder on the back of the equipment.

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It refers to the XPS2 and XPS DR as they use the same type of transformer.

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I have spare fuses for my XPS2, supplied to me (FOC) by my Naim dealer.

They look just like those… :expressionless:

PS. I generally leave my XPS ‘on’, to minimise the chance of blown fuses. It has happened to me, but not often (since 2014).

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I agree with all the advice given that buying a cheaper fuse with the same rating is asking for more silence in a short time span as i found out, stick to Littel fuses and always have a few spare to be on the safe side.

And, quite possibly, a more expensive fuse.

The recommended fuses are not expensive.


Thank you all for fine advice


Don’t do what i did, and connect a power lead to both a xps dr and a ndx2 at the same time. Yes, i know the instructions don’t show 2 leads fitted. This will pop the fuse in the xps dr.
Although i have also popped a few xps dr fuses during switch on, with just a power lead in the xps dr.
Naim and the dealers know the 2.5A fuse is marginal. It should have had a redesign.

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I just checked and I have owned my XPS2 now for exactly 1 year. The fuse blew 3 weeks after installing it during a power up. Interestingly, the mains plug fuse blew at the same time. Whilst changing it I discovered it was only a 5A fuse so presumably a previous owner had swapped the mains cable for an unsuitable one. Anyway, I purchased 3 new Littel fuses from a well known dealer in this community and replaced the mains fuse with a 13A. Since then, the XPS power has been cycled a countless number of times due to power cuts, storms and re-arrangement of racks and Im pleased to say, no fuse has been blown in all that time.


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