Which HD and how to connect it to Unitilite?


I own a Unitilite would very much like to start building my own music library on a external HD and connect it WITH wire. I’ve read the user guide again and again but I still don’t have a clue on how to proceed if I don’t go through my internet router nor which type of HD to buy. As the router is too far away from my naim system I could not benefit from a hardwire connection.

I am also wondering how to connect my macbook to the unitilite for best audio experience using Audirvana for streaming Qobuz hi res music.

Thank you for your help!


To use the Uniti to stream music stored on your network, you need to run a UPnP server on a computer or NAS. You could use your Mac for both of these purposes, or you could buy a NAS. A popular choice that is well supported would be a QNAP NAS running Asset server.
Setting this up can seem a little daunting it you’re new to it, but once done, it should work well.
There are also proprietary boxes that are ready to go, but they will be more expensive. Naim make the Core, but it costs £2k, or there’s the Innuos Zen Mini at half the price.

Your hard drive would need to be a n.a.s.(network attached storage device with upnp enabled
Plug the nas into the router then either hardwire from the router to the Unitilite or use wirelessly

Thanks a lot for the reply! The purpose of my topic is to understand how to link a HD directly to my unitilite WITHOUT the router, as this one is too far away to my system and cannot be hardwire to the unitilite, and I’d like to have a hardwire connexion.
If this is not possible then I am think about using my macbook with a ssd drive to store my music and Audirvana to read it. This of course is much less convenient but I am wondering how to plug the macbook to the unitilite for best sound quality as it doesn’t seem to be made for that purpose.

The hard drive (NAS) needs to be attached to your network, not directly to the Unitilite. You can attach it directly to your router, and the UL should see it, although over WiFi it may or may not be a reliable connection. An alternative would be to put a switch near your UL, and connect both NAS and UL to that. If you can’t run a wire back to the router from there, a wireless access point, also attached to the switch, would work.

You can use your MacBook with a suitable upnp server

I know from experience you will need to either hardwire the MacBook or Unitilite because if you try to go wireless on everything it will be very unreliable

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