Which iFi iPower X Power Supply To Use With EtherREGEN Switch

It would appear that there are two ifi iPower X power supplies that would suit the etherREGEN switch, as follows:

etherREGEN input: either 9V/1.0A or 12V/0.8A

ifi iPower X output: either 9V/2.5A or 12V/2.0A

Clearly either version of the ifi iPower X power supply can deliver the required current, but is it preferable to go for the higher voltage/lower current or the lower voltage/higher current option?

The etherREGEN gets rather hot, so would one of the above ifi iPower X options help here?

Doubt if it matters, i use Plixir 12 volt and 4 amp, still runs warm.

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I run my ER on a linear PS at 10.5v (0.7A) - sounds excellent to me! :slightly_smiling_face:

They specify a voltage range and the power drawn is about the same as the current just goes up as voltage drops and visa-versa.

To lower power used by ER - don’t use Optical module if you don’t need it and use as few IO ports as you really need - I use just two in-out for the above power spec quoted.

Then lift the ER box up onto a support to allow more air to circulate about it - that keeps case temperature lower - and I think it sounds far better not on its own large rubber feet but on hard plastic feet, so that is what I use to lift it - the rubber feet are then not used but remain on the ER box while I circumvent them with the plastic feet.


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I’d go for the 12V, which was what I used with my Sean Jacobs power supply. The EtherRegen doesn’t come with a bad wallwart. Are you sure the IFI is going to make much of a difference?

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Have read reports that the iPower helps to a degree with SQ on the ER, but I am far from convinced. I would prefer a pukka linear power supply, but don’t really want to go to that expense right now as I may upgrade to a PheonixNET which has its own inbuilt high quality linear power supply. The ifi iPower X is more of a punt which doesn’t cost too much.

I think I will go for the 12V version, if only for the reason the ER will draw a little less current, and it is current that causes heat. Possibly flawed thinking, and I am prepared to be persuaded otherwise.

Power = Current x Voltage

Both are the same with respect to Power.


The owner of Uptone recommends 12v as the unit has to work less to convert that voltage, or something like that.


Ah, the 12V version it is.


From the ER Spec sheet:

…The amperage requirement of the EtherREGEN varies based on the input voltage. The guidelines for input voltages within its range are: 7V/1.4A, 9V/1.0A, or 12V/0.8A.

So power drawn from PS (and hence being used by ER) = 9.8W, 9W, 9.6W respectively - if you trust the ER data sheet.
So the minimum power drawn is in middle somewhere, if what they say is true.

Mine is drawing 10.5x0.7 = 7.35W

They are possibly specifying a ‘fully-load’ ER with all ports driven, which will need more power.


Yes, I would imagine those are peak power ratings, and the maximum amperage the power supply must be able to deliver for a given voltage. I am only using two ports, one in and one out.

It seems from a reply above that the owner of Uptone recommends the 12 V iPower so that is the version I have ordered.

I really doubt that the Ifi power x will change and upgrade the sound of the Etheregen.
Uptone claims that he designed a high quality SMPS with it, very silent.
I tried a 400 euros lps , the Uptone Lps 1.2, which gave a mini uplift, not worth.
I would go for a high quality linear ps as Sean Jacobs, Uptone JS2, Farad 3 lps or top MCRU. Or wait better and buy later the PhoenixNet. My feeling on it.

FR, see my earlier post.

I did find a good linear supply sounded better with ER - the SM supply it ships with is very good but when you go to almost any linear PS a slight hard sheen goes and the LF-end opens-out and the whole thing just sounds more natural and happy. This was in context of my system so others may hear it differently, as my system does tend to magnify otherwise small upgrade effects.

I tried two old LPS I had to-hand from work lab days - each was 30+ years old and each sounded different from each other and better. A large Farnel supply eventually gave-out after a few months and needs some refurbishment of old Electrolytics - I substituted a smaller 1A max Coutant PS and was amazed that it was far far better! Size does not always matter here it seems, but innate quality - the unit is much smaller and neatly put together so that may all count too.

I’ve no wish to invest a lot extra in a PS if ahead when funds are available I may perhaps use another unit - this PS was free. But given how good it sounds I’m finding myself in no hurry to want to change anything.



Yes, I realise a linear power supply would be better but at several hundred pounds, some well into four figures. The iFi iPower X is only £99 so, having heard good things, I am having a punt. Add to this at some point I may try the PhoenixNET switch has its own high quality linear power supply built in.

I am not expecting great things from the ifi iPower X, so I am unlikely to be disappointed, and who knows I might be pleasantly surprised. You know, confirmation bias on the cheap!

You can easily return with Amazon. So you have nothing to loose . Curious on your next feedback Nigel.

If it’s only an experiment as you suggest, and you might consider a linear supply later, then maybe make your iFi voltage choice based on where you are most likely to redeploy the iFi later - what other equipment do you have that would benefit from a better 9v or 12v power supply?

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Given the rapidly increasing popularity of streaming, I think we’ll still see quite some evolution/developments in ‘audiophile’ switches. Not so much in high quality LPSUs. This is why a two-box solution had my preference.

The iFi is fun to try. It worked good for me on the EE8 over the stock ‘medical grade’ (oh please…) wall wart. Now it does an equally good job on the ISP modem/router.

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An example of new switch products appearing. This one from Synergistic Research just got a good review on a well known Dutch audio website compared to cheaper - Silent Angel - and (even) more expensive options like Melco.


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