Which input for Prefix?


Just rigging my Nac 72 up to a new/old Prefix phono stage from its dedicated Hicap.

Which input on the 72 is regarded as the best?..CD, TUNER, TAPE 1 or TAPE 2?

I’ve re-soldered the link wires back into the 72 and removed the phono boards.

Many thanks


I’d go in via the Tuner input. Hopefully you have the required 4-5 interconnect.

Hi Richard. Many thanks for you quick response.

Yes I have the 4-5 pin Naim interconnect.

Do the tuner input slots need to be empty?..


The tuber input is direct on the PCB so no cards. Obviously no good if you have a tuner already using that input…

Nope…no tuner.

Come to think of it…which socket in the Hicap do I use? they’re all 4 pin!

…tried looking in the manual but no mention of the Prefix?

Your Prefix should be connected to socket 4 on the Hicap so connect the DIN4-5 interconnect to socket 3 as it’s the closest to socket 4.

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Many thanks…I’ll try that.

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