Which Interconnect?

Hi Guys,

Having put up a thread on my soon arriving Rega P3, I might be on the lookout for an interconnect to connect a Rega Fono to my SuperUniti.

I have a Chord Chrysalis phono to DIN as a temporary stop gap but I was wondering if Rega could supply the same cable as the captive cable from the P3 ? I suspect not but maybe the Chord cable I have is good enough and will get the most from the Rega?

I’d be grateful for any tips here and thanks in advance.


I have a combination of Naim HiLine and Chord interconnects. Superlumina is better than HiLine. Chord Music is the top of the mountain, but it is very expensive. Try a couple through your dealer and get the best one you can afford.

Take a look at the rega couple interconnect but I suspect this is available as rca terminated only.

Chord Company Signature Reference RCA to DIN is what I’ve used. I’ve certainly found Chord RCA to DIN especially the ARAY based ones to do a good job.

The Chord Chrysalis you have is the same cable Naim use in their own interconnects. It takes some beating for the sort of money that would be reasonable for a P3 and Fono. Chord can’t get it any more as Naim bought up all the remaining stock.

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I use Rega Couple 2 between my Fono MC and 272. The din input socket was already used for my NAT05 so I needed a phono option.

Naim stock interconnect or hi line?

Thanks for all your comments guys. I’ll plug everything in tomorrow and give some running in time and see what’s what.

I Didn’t know the standard Naim Interconnect was based on the Chrysalis. Cheers Yeti, and to all :sunglasses:

Also take a look at the Witch Hat Morgana cables, I’ve been really impressed with them. I’m using a Morgana Din to RCA for my phono stage. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re not happy you can return them.

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Yup I can vouch for Witchat very good indeed …


The later Chrysalis is really good and very similar to Naim’s own lavender/grey interconnect. For an analogue connection in a Naim system context it would be my choice over even some very expensive alternatives.

Dont think you will do better than the witchhat morgana rca to din cable, for sound, quality and price.
I use the same cables for both my rossini and rega P10 and can’t fault them


Yes, they really are a bargain in terms of SQ versus price. I also got excellent advice from Mitch snd their team.


I got myself 2 pairs of chord chrysalis on flea bay…I guess it would make a good interconnect…

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