Which is better to upgrade Dynavector 10x5 Rega phono stage

Which is better to upgrade Dynavector 10x5 or Rega Fono MC- Phono Stage (2017)?

I’d recommend the Hana ML instead of the dynavector


I use a DV10X… (since 1981…)

What do you think I would say…?? :thinking:

The Rega Fono seems to be a relatively inexpensive phono stage…
Where as the DV10X is around £550…

Kind of hard to say without knowing what the rest of your system looks like

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Which is better to do, or do first?
First would be a decent cartridge, the 10x5 tucks that box. Just make sure your phono stage can handke its highish ( for a MC) output. A 40db ( MM) is often suggested, but my experience suggested it needed more gain such as 50db, so you’ll still need a suitable phono stage.

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The OP has the Dynavector, which is a high output MC, and a Fono MC, which is for low output MCs. Clearly it seems to work, but wouldn’t the Dynavector overload the Fono?

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Ah, re-read and understand.
In the DV word the next step would be XX2 at £1200?
The OP might want to hint at budget, so we call spend his/her money.

The 20X, Shirley…

yes indeed, I have the 20X2L and very nice it is too

Yes, always forget about that one. Perhaps as it’s a bit close to the 10x5 price?
Or perhaps because im after a XX2 shortly!

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It might be close in price to the 10X5 but I had a 10X5 before the 20X2L and didn’t really get on with it. The 20X2L is a very different beast. I only went for it as Sam assured me it was good :slight_smile: I did change the arm from a RB300 to a RB808 at the same time, maybe that also helped.


The arm change would have helped. Good as a Rb300 is, Rega’s more pricey arms are better VFM in my opinion.

My very first 10X ran in a Rega R200, on a Planar 2. Then in an R200 on an LP 12. Finally in a Linn Ittok on an LP12. All subsequent 10X’s I have had, have run in the same Linn Ittok.

Not taking Geoff advice on a 2.5-3k cart then :wink:

thanks for all the contributions much to think about


its in my profile

Most likely not! Sub £1500 should be plenty.

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OK thanks, always worth asking because profiles aren’t always kept up to date. Assumimg the turntable is a LP12 I think if I were in your shoes I’d probably look at upgrading the phono stage to something like a Rega Aria before changing carts.

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Alternatively, a Naim Stageline E and used Naim i-Supply with your existing 10x5.


I can confirm that - IMO (and of several other Forumites…) - the DV10X does seem to like the Naim E boards, in all varieties… :astonished: