Which is the shortest signal path?

Hi all

I have got myself confused. Can someone tell me what is the shortest signal path for me to connect my NDX2 to Supernait2 to.
Is it the “CD” input?

Cheers all


There is no ‘shortest’ or better signal path, but the CD is as good as any if you don’t have a CD player.

I have noticed some amps offering a direct input. Supposedly when also having a choice of preamp function to switch from passive to active, so bypassing a stage.
Also noticed a few recommendations with the older preamps where it was actually easy to determine upon looking in the case.
It does seem odd on a well designed contemporary amp that offers a few inputs, that one should sound better than another. Unless a single source was used that had well burned in and conditioned that short path. Then plugging into another input that had never been used.

Google has lots of pictures of SN2 insides. Maybe something can be gleaned from those?

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