Which NAPSC?

Would a NAPSC 2 be better than the original NAPSC that was supplied with my 82?
Would there be any improvement in sound quality?

On the old forum when the NAPSC2 came out there were many reports of improvement with the newer unit. IIIRC, it wasn’t just a facelift, but a bigger and better transformer was used, and by virtue of an IEC socket, it could even be used with upgraded mains cables too.


I may have been one singing the unexpected (?) benefits of a Powerline here.

It improved my headline listening considerably and quite a few heard an improvement when used with the 202 and 282.

AND 82

and - 102


What you using it for, to power the 82?

Yes…powering the 82….I got it with a headline but power that with a hicap.

Should make bugger all difference then. Napsc in 82 or 282 just powers non audio stuff.

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For, quick, instance - https://forums.naimaudio.com/topic.php?oid=53097172994319633&coid=159503632588889

Well nothing to lose….might just plug it in a see what happens….

All power supplies produce some noise, and even though the NAPSC is ‘only’ powering the control circuitry, a proportion of any noise it makes can find its way onto the signal circuitry, compromising the overall noise floor. If you don’t believe that you could always just try comparing an early PSC to the (less noisy) PSC2 and you’ll have your proof IME.


We (OK tinkerers at Naim) found a noticeable improvement the better the, suitable, power supply used on the NAPSC.

The Powerline makes the NAPSC a better power supply.

I’d suggest the curious try if able.

It looks nicer so if nothing else it will improve the aesthetics…. :blush:

Nothing to lose,correct. Come back and tell us what you find. The napsc is a very basic power supply. Take the top off and have a look.

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Hang on… I’ve got an early 2000s Classic black NAPSC which I assumed was a NAPSC2 by virtue of its age but it’s got a resolutely captive power lead. Have I actually got a NAPSC(1)?


This is a Napsc 2.

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Silly boy… it has a captive output lead, not a captive mains lead. That’s what happens when you post from memory whilst waiting in the pub, halfway through your first pint at the end of a long week.

So, yes, I own a NAPSC2. Sorry for that unnecessary diversion.


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Powerline makes a huge difference. The Titan Helios is fantastic on it as well and may be a bit better.

NAPSC… the little bugger keeps popping up. :upside_down_face:

A bit OT but - there is no service plan/interval for the NAPSC. ‘It doesn’t need service’ seems to be the take. Yet it’s a PSU with caps etc. like any other. So, it’s not in the audio path, ‘only’ powering relays, volume/balance pots and lights (right?) but even the power cord can make a sonic difference. I find it hard to believe it never needs any service/recapping? :thinking:

It is serviced when the NAC it comes with is serviced. At least in the case of 82 and 282.


That’s odd. All my gear (282/Hi/CDX/200) just came back from service, not the NAPSC. :flushed:

When I sent my 82 and 282 both were sent with the NAPSC since it’s part of the preamp and ships in the same box. I sent them to Naim but Class A even states the NAPSC is included in the service fee.