Which number makes a real difference?

Listening on Quboz I’ve been struck with the realisation that 24 vs 16 is far more significant than 44, 96 or even 192. I vaguelly understand the meaning of the numbers in a scientific sense, but recently the superiority of 24 bit recordings has been glaringly obvious - have I just been lucky in my choices or is this the standard to look for? Currently listening to Jamie Cullum “The Pianoman at Christmas” @ 48/24 and thoroughly captivated with the sound quality and performance!

24-bit is like HDR on TV while 192 kHz is like 4k. In my experience with TV, I find the HDR effect makes a more reliable difference while the resolution can look great but depends on the film more. For me audio is similar… as long as the source is decent (some places just upscale) and my listening environment is up to it, the dynamic range is more obviously enjoyable.


Yep, bit depth is far more important and what makes the biggest difference than the sampling frequency in my experience. I like the HDR analogy @beeka pretty spot on, makes more of a difference to the overall picture than resolution does.

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