Which package in Tidal?

So just picked up my Muso 2 and was wanting a decent streaming service. Tidal offers 2 a hi fi and a premium? Would the I hear the difference between the two ?

Last I looked, Premium is mp3, Hifi is CD quality. In the past at least, Hifi also included “Master”, which is Tidal’s version of high-res (using MQA). But at least in some regions there is now a separate Master plan.

You don’t want Master if it’s a separate plan because Naim is not an MQA licensee, so is useless for most Naim users.

Whether you hear a difference between Premium (mp3) and Hifi (CD quality) on a Mu-so is up to you. I suggest you get a trial account (see Clare’s post below). (If you choose Hifi, you can still dial it down to mp3 quality in the app, so is easy to compare)

You should have got a voucher for a 90-day free trial from TIDAL in the box with your Mu-so…

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No….didn’t get that… :frowning_face:

Sorry to hear that - can I have your serial number, so I can log it, please?

In meantime, you are in luck - TIDAL has just announced a three-month free trial offer itself, including for TIDAL Hi-Fi:

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Ok….so do you still need the serial number ?

Would be useful so I can report back that it was missing the TIDAL voucher


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Just signed up for the three month trial and when I got to the payment bit it was down to a month….so not happy with tidal at all….it will take a month to run in the Muso so absolutely no benefit whatsoever!
Plus I can only seem to get it to work via airplay even though the Muso and Mac are both hooked into the Ethernet.
Not very impressed so far but am willing to concede that it might be me who has not clicked the right buttons on their site etc…but I don’t think so!
Will be going back to Spotify and Amazon if things don’t improve!

Re the AirPlay issue - I assume that’s because you’re streaming from the TIDAL App? If you login to TIDAL via the Naim App, you’ll enjoy much better sound.

Hi @c2photo,
Apologies if you’ve tried this already but you can access the 90-day trial via the Naim app when you first select TIDAL. When clicking ‘Redeem’ you are taken to the TIDAL website that briefly (and confusingly) shows you a 30-day trial page before auto-refreshing to the 90-day one.

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Received my new nova early may, no leaflet and until I read this thread did not know of the 90 day free trial.I will give it a go.

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@Naim.Marketing …emailed tidal and they have reconfigured my free trial to 3 months so all good now…. :blush:


I’ve tried that and it doesn’t seem to want to play anything…. :frowning_face: :thinking:

Have you enabled TIDAL in the input settings of the Naim App?


Opened the tidal app in the naim app and nothing will play….only tidal app using AirPlay :angry:

You can’t use the Tidal app to play music via the inbuilt Tidal in any Naim products yet, Tidal connect is coming and is in beta at this time. For now you need to use the inbuilt Tidal in the Naim app to search and manage and play music from your Tidal library. Set the Naim app to login to to your account , enable the input for Tidal and then your away.

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I’ve done that but still does not work…maybe I have to log out of all tidal apps on phone, iPad and Mac?
Any views?

I think so…when I tapped the tidal app in the naim it took me straight to a page….no login with email etc….