Which Phono Board

Hi, i have an ems jsd6 silver cartridge. The output is approx 1mv - which would be the most suitable phono board to use in a nac32.5. The 323 or 322? Thanks.

from a sensitivity point of view, probably NA323E boards would be most suitable here.

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply. As i understand the “e” boards has a sensitivity of 0.4mv. So i was concerned that the cartridge output of 1mv would be overpowering this, and wondered am i better to under-power 1mv into a 2mv input as opposed to 1mv into 0.4mv.

1mV is about perfect for the E boards - they were designed for the EMT TSD15, which has a 1.05mV output.

Thanks a lot Richard, one further question if i may. Can a K board be converted into an E board.

Yes, It can - speak to Naim’s service dept. or Darran at Class A.

Many thanks.

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