Which playing on wall sockets

Thinking of upgrading wall sockets as I Adam having sound proofing done which involves moving wall sockets. So looking at MCRU, choice of brass, silver, gold or rhodium. Which should I go for?

If in the UK then just stick to MK unswitched sockets.

As for other countries, I couldn’t say but I’m sure others will have recommendations.


I would refine @Richard.Dane recommendation and advise MK Logic Plus unswitched sockets. My electrician who recently installed my radials was not looking forward to getting 10mm cable in to the sockets, but was pleasantly surprised how easy these sockets made the job for him.

Thanks Richard. I’m in the UK.

I can see by my awful typing that you may think English is not my first Language!:wink::laughing:

I’ve used Hager sollysta sockets recently and found these to be excellent quality. I did a bit of research to find what electricians like and these were consistently recommended. Eg product code wms82 for a double unswitched socket. I bought a pack of 10 for not much over £20.

Indeed, the old school brands such as MK & Crabtree do seem to be getting a bit of a reputation for reduced quality since various buyouts by larger concerns.
Hager do get the thumbs up from the sparkies.
An up & coming underdog from the UK is Scolmore, who’s Click range get favourable reports.
Although I have fitted one or two of these accessories, I have no idea if the sockets can accommodate 10mm cables.


I went for MK the eletrician had no problems with the cable. As I’m only doning it once went with the rhodium ones.

That’s useful information for others that will follow in your steps

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