Which power Supply for a NDX 2?

Hi all,

I am considering a power supply for NDX 2 - I have the chance of a second hand one for a reasonable price is there only one model of the XPS DR power supply ?


There is only one XPS DR (but there is also a non-DR XPS. You can use either). There is the option, however, to use a 555PS (DR or not). It’s more expensive but many people think that it’s a much larger improvement - although not everyone agrees, as usual.


Excellent - Thank you!

Welcome. From experience on my CDS3 I went from XPS to 555 and in my opinion the change up is very considerable, darker but richer sound, far greater musical experience.

Further, to above I see you have Yamaha amplification? and Wharfedale speakers. Some more details would be useful. Although the orthodoxy around here is upgrade the source components first some improvements further down the change might yield a greater improvement.



Hi Lindsay

Although I have a CD play it’s rarely used.
The source is The Naim NDX 2 streaming from Qobuz, via the Din output into phono connectors to a Yamaha A-S3200 bi wired to a pair of Wharfdale EVO 4.4’s

Yammy AS 3200…!
Any chance of some pictures , said in a very non suspicious way ofcourse!


Nice… you have 2 Yamahas?
I do have a spot of softness for these amps.

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Yes, the RX-A3080 serves my home theatre… I’ve kind of bought into Yamaha… For now

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Okay, can I suggest that instead of an additional PSU, which would yield benefit no doubt, you consider a SN3?

What’s wrong with the 4k Yammy amp?
Beautiful kit.
If anything, the Dales could be upgraded.

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No, i meant the other 2 ch amp bottom right.

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Yes I’ve been drooling over the Elysians 4’s


Ah that’s just balancing the unit! its not connected - how much does the SN3 weigh ? :rofl:

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go to 555ps


I have gone from bare NDX2 to NDX2+XPSDR, to NDX+555 PS.

The 555PS is a fantastic upgrade, and in my experience the uplift between XPSDR and 555PS is greater than the uplift from bare NDX2 to NDX2+XPS DR.


I found a used 555ps to be a huge improvement over the XPS dr on an NDX2.
It’s also useful if you intend to upgrade to an ND555.


Anyone compared or have feedback on XPS2 vs XPSDR on an NDX2?

I guess if you apply the law of diminishing returns, the 555 is the one to go for then? (£4500 vs £7500 but the £3000 step had a greater improvement than the initial £4500 step?). It’s still £7500 though :joy:

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