Which song does your system sound Best/Worse

@Zackwater Interesting choice for ‘best’. BMtL sounds good on my system, but the mastering of the song itself holds it back for me. I’d love to hear a version that allows a bit more space for the instruments, whilst toning back the use of compression.

Whilst I agree it would be good to hear the drums more in the mix of U2 songs, I suspect it is a mixing/mastering choice. As an aside, I wonder how the drums come across in the Classic Albums documentary for Joshua Tree?

The Police are clearly the opposite, for instance if you listen to Message in a Bottle on Regatta la Blanc, the drums take the lead from the beginning and the mix is more balanced overall, allowing space for the instruments and vocal to shine through.

A best sounding candidate for me is MJ’s Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough from Off The Wall.

My current setup manages to handle all the percussive elements (without sounding bright) as well provide plenty of warmth for the bass and vocal.

As for worst, I’ve always had trouble with an album called Barbara by We Are Scientists - I love the band, but this album is a loudness mess and I have never managed to tame it so it sounds good (I still use the opening track (Rules Don’t Stop) as a demo track though.

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