Which speaker cable for Nova and Neat Ekstra?

sorry if i don’t speak english
I have a NOVA with NEAT EKSTRA speakers, I wanted to know which speaker cables.
At the moment I have nordost purple flare life 2 meters, I need more length
I had thought of the NACA5 NAIM, with less expense.
What do you recommend

thank you


Hi Alessio, and welcome.

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I can highly recommend NACA5 here. Just be sure to keep the length 3.5m per channel or more. While length is less of an issue with the Uniti series, should you ever wish to upgrade to the separates then having suitable cables will serve you well.

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I use Chord Epic Twin with my Uniti Nova and must say I’m very pleased with the result

Sorry for the writing

Thanks for the advice

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I use Linn K20, works fine with my Naim amp

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I have a Nova and used Chord Shawline , Epic and now use Witch Hat Phantom .

I can recommend both Chord cables and the Witch Hat Phantom quite happily

For those ‘new’ to these things, Linn K20 is very good value - and is quite similar to Naim’s original cable NAC-A4…

Chord Odyssey is another one for you to try.

I have Ekstra’s. I tried many cables and found Chord Co’s C Screen the best. Cheapest, and best. Tried many vastly more expensive cables but the C Screen won by quite a margin.

Did make me reassess my other cable choices…so have been trying Clearway RCAs in lieu of Signature Tuned Array. And after a few years of expensive ownership prefer the cheaper ones too.

Maybe I have cheap tastes. Maybe I have unrefined ears. Maybe I don’t know what I’m listening for…but whatever it is, the cheaper Chord ranges are far more to my taste.

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I use the witch hat N2 cables with Nova and ATC. Very happy with them.

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I can fully concur with NACA5 cables. I was recommended AQ type 5 from the dealer and they promptly caused my new Nova to overheat and shut down. The NACA5s had to be ordered so for the days I waited I kept the volume down and a fan on the Unit(i) (lol)…Highly recommend you (always) listen to Richard. And also if you don’t have a Powerline yet, start saving. And again…why would anyone buy Naim and then buy another power chord to save a couple bucks?

I used to have a Uniti Star with Neat Ministra standmounts. I used Esprit beta speaker cable that was excellent - natural, open and detailed that complemented the Naim ‘full’ sound.
Don’t know where you are and whether Esprit is available, but highly recommended.

NACA5 is what you want. Then a Powerline. The Powerline is well worth the cost (as are the NACA5.)

Hi Richard
I wanted some advice.
I have a Nova with nordost red cables as a power supply that goes to tht Glde Note Arno power strip with another nordost red cable to the sochet
I only have Nova attached to the power strip
I wanted to buy Powerline,if you recommendit.
Powerlinealways with power strip or directly to the sochet
Thanks and Happy Easter

I would avoid any power strip and go direct into the mains socket.


YOu recommend powerline o nordost

I haven’t tested the Nordost on the Nova, but having heard the Powerline, and knowing its design (much more than just a different cable - it’s a re-think of the connections), I would recommend it highly.

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The Nordost I’ve tried were terrible on Naim amps.
Of the best cables I’ve tried or on my “to do” list

Chord Odyssey & Epic
Witchhat Phantom
Atlas Hyper
Naim A5 & A4 (Linn K20)
Kudos KS1

Make sure to buy longer length for best performance 4M and up, 2M is far too short but Uniti’s aren’t that difficult.
Avoid bi-wire.

Tellurium Q Black II sound great on my Nova (+ Focal Electra 1028 Be II) and don’t cost a kingdom. 2m would have been enough for me, but my dealer told me to buy 3m or longer, so I took a length of 3m. As mentioned earlier, the Uniti products are not that sensible to speaker length, compared to other Naim amps.
Do not use Audioquest cables on Naim amps. I had AQ Rocket cables on my previous NAD M10 and they sounded very good for the money. When I sold my NAD an got my Nova, I was shocked in a negative way, as they sounded terrible. You can find more technical details on this forum concerning the scientific background of that impact on sound quality. It has something to do with the cable‘s inductance and capacitance.