Which speaker plugs to use?

I have an Atom HE and NAP 250DR and using NAIM cable to my speakers (KEF 104/2 but will replace them soon).
The old banana plugs I have are not great and due to the inflexibility of the speaker cable, sometimes one of the plugs pops out of the speaker.
So time to replace them.

Which plugs would you guys recommend please? (I’m guessing the solderable type are best)

Solderable yes.
I use Naim SA8 plugs for the amp and standard Deltron plugs for the speakers my cable is Kudos KS1 and very easy to solder.
Hope this helps. :+1:t2:

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I would wait until you get your new speakers. At this stage I assume you won’t know whether they will have one, two or three sets of terminals, so perhaps best to sort that out first.

It might be simplest to ask the dealer supplying the speakers to do the terminations for you, at least if you’re buying from a dealer and one who’s competent at soldering.



Thanks guys
I needed to replace the existing ones as they are-
33yrs old
very loose in the back of the speakers
one often pops out of it’s own accord

So I’ve ordered some Chord plugs.
I wield a mean soldering iron, so that’s not a problem.

If it’s the chord ohmics, these are crimped not soldered.
Correction- there is a solder version available but the most common one is crimped. (Having said that, the online sellers for the solder version are saying unavailable/ out of stock).
You’ll need a hex crimp for the ohmic plugs.


I think Chord supply a heavy duty crimping tool to dealers and others selling their cables terminated with Ohmic plugs. When I bought leads to run between my Atom and Neat Iotas I had them terminated with crimped Ohmics. IIRC, a more expensive proposition but purportedly better sounding than soldered plugs.



They’re not the Ohmic ones.
I thought these would be a snugger fit in my old speakers

Not a bad compromise I’d rather use those than ohmic ones they got slated a while ago on here.
I don’t like crimps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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