Which Spendor for my 282/250/HC


So what Spendor? A7 or D7.2 or JMR Abscisse Jubilé ?
Auditioned A7: Great in a room with only ceiling absorbers
D7.2 needs 8 weeks for an audition
Auditioned JMR 2 x 1 hour and 1x 1 hour in a room with lots of absorbers
I do not know. JMR are more refined but perhaps too much.
But hopefully I did not like Q Acoustics Concept and Fyne F501

A7, D7.2, JMR
Kind regards.

The biggest transformation to my system was replacing old PMC OB1s with Spendor D7.2s - these are absolutely outstanding.

Auditioned several speakers [newer PMCs/ATCs/Proacs etc.] before settling on Spendors - easily the best sounding speakers [in my system/room] - superb.


D7 apparently was brighter as D7.2. A7 has not a lot of bass, which I LOVE.
How is the sound from D7.2 vs A7 ? D7.2 more analytical?
Do they keep the exact tonal balance and sound ?

I can’t just buy a A7 without having heard the D7.2 pricely equal to the so much refined JMR

Room is 4,6 (speakers) sounding longline x 5,8 m
Speakers in white to be placed sideways in front of Avantgarde Duo horns. 2nd amplifier to pair with: SN 2 and a Sudgen A21 SE Signature.

Have you listened to any of these speakers?

did you read the first post where I tell which speakers I have auditioned?

are they brighter than the A7 ? Do they have more bass? What do they mean by “D7.2 sounds more homogene than D7”. Isn’t a D7.2 too big for my 27 m2 room?

The Spendor D7.2s are incredibly detailed & dynamic speakers. Bass is deep and wonderfully controlled. My room is slightly smaller than yours. Depending on room acoustics, I’d assume your 282/250 would fit the bill nicely. You’d need to audition against other speakers to determine what sounds best to you, however. Hope this helps.

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I really liked the A7 sound.

I auditioned a few, but in Splendor, just the D7.2. I have a similar setup to you, and the 7.2’s were the best of what I heard, and a great upgrade from the Naim Credo, so Brough them, and haven’t looked back

well I have Avantgarde horn speakers which I keep, so I do not need any super detailed, want refined for classical music, which sound musical and non fatiguing. All I read of D7 or D7.2 suits perfectly all super detailed speakers, meaning fatiguing and ear stress with Nils Lofgren. A7 is just right, but if the D7 makes a bigger sound, big is always better.

Speakers are such a personal choice and along with room effects you can’t truly make a judgement without having them at home on either a demo or a return arrangement agreement.
Asking for speaker opinions is not likely to bring any joy.

As others said, it all comes down to your preferences and room dinamics.

If you like detailed listen, go for D7.2, if you would like easy, musical and enjoyable listening, go with A line or Classic line. For my taste, I would go with A7 or Classic 2/3 (or bigger) since my ears do not go well with analitic speakers. I heard D7 (old) and 2/3 in a rather large listening room and I would choose 2/3 since they sound more full and valvet like. The amp driving them was Leben.

I liked the A7’s, the D7.2’s, after a two week home demo, not as much. The tweeter had me turning off rather than listen to the music, ended up with ATC40A’s to me a more balanced speaker. Everybody always advises home demo with speakers I would suggest essential for the D7.2’s.

ok my apologies, auditioning in a studio and at home are 2 pairs of shoes. But I like it the easy way. I could ask to get JMR at home, but Spendor is impossible. No seller lending me some and I can’t lift more than 6 kg and do not want people enter my apartment because of Covid. Hard times.

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I suppose to avoid all problems is just to forget about D7.2 and focus on the A7 :slight_smile: or JMR of course, but Abscisse Jubilé is surely closer to the D7.2. Yes, I suppose I wanna go the musical way as I have the analytical with the horns.

I have the D7.2s. I also listened to A7s which are also good, but found the D7.2s more cohesive and overall more enjoyable. I have found them a wonderful match for 282/200 DR/HC DR/NDX2/XPS DR.

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Have a listen to them if you can, bags of detail and in many ways a very impressive speaker, just make sure they will work for you.

thanks, the energy shall be on my side

I sold my A7’s for Classic 3/1’s, found them too hot in the upper mids and ultimately tiring to listen to.

wow, so you would also like Harbeth, I suppose