Which stands for Harbeth

Hi Everyone, I am looking for good speaker stands for Harbeth SHL5 - do You have experience with Broadcast wooden open frame stands and/or Custom Design metal open frame stands? Which one is better and why? Thank You in advance for Your opinion. Rgds, Jeremi

Hi Jeremi:
I have HL5 XD speakers and I originally used Sound Organization metal standas that I purchased used with my speakers. They were fine, placed the tweeter at the correct height and the speakers sounded very good. I replaced them with new Tontrager wooden stands that I bought for a sizeable discount (40% off retail price) from a user who bought the stands ordered Harbeth speakers and then decided on another speaker.

The Tontrager are simply better; the sound is more focused, details a clearer and the soundstage more stable I really bought them for the discount and frankly appearance, but they perform very well and are beautifully made.

I suspect a similar open top, accurately made hardwood stand would also perform well.

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I have Tontragers as well for my C7es3-XD. They are simply the best stands for Harbeth.
A Harbeth owner brought his Skylan stands to my audio dealer. He compared them to the Tontragers. He walked out with the Tontragers and left his Skylans…

Thank You Gentlemen for Your info with additional explanation. Stay well and healthy, Jeremi :anchor:

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I have Graham LS5/9 with Something Solid stands. The stands ring audibly and that is easy to feel. This is ameliorated by Chord Silent Mounts.
I made my own stands Tontrager style but came back to the metal ones.
The Tontrager are often recommended by users on the Harbeth forum.

I think solid wood / hard wood open frame stands are the best option for Harbeth speakers (not only). Regarding my experience with receiving advices from Harbeth and Naim Community - I prefer Naim Community… Any way, thank You again, Jeremi

Daniel H reminded me that I heard Skylan stands at a demo with the Sound Organization stands and preferred the latter. As I said before the Tontrager were better still.

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