Which streamer?

I recently sold my CDX2.2 to help fund the purchase of a DCS Bartok but this hasn’t worked out so I’ve had to have a rethink on a front end for my system which comprises NAC52, Supercap, CB NAP135s and SBL

Whilst I like the convenience of streaming there’s something lacking in the handling of media for me and I now have a recently serviced CDS3 on its way to fill one of the two spots on my rack, the other will be taken by a power supply for the CDS3. However, I want to add a low cost streamer for the ease of streaming via Qobuz and the availability of music to “try before I buy” and add further to my CD collection

I’m not keen to add another fraim shelf and space is now at a premium so I’m looking for a streamer with a small footprint to hide away under or around the system as it is

I’ve been looking at an Auralic Aries Mini but would appreciate any additional ideas or shared experiences of those on here who may have used something similar

Budget ideally is under £500 but for the right item I don’t mind increasing this, I don’t have a NAS or storage so its just streaming from Qobuz (having bought a subscription for 12 months to use on the Bartok)

Node is about the same sq as the Aries mini according to the internet, so listen to both. Node has Roon and MQA support if you want it.


Node, simple.


Under 500, with a small footprint, I see no better than Bluesound Node.


I have the miniStreamer of a German manufacturer (pls. see my profile for details - I don’t want to break forum rules!). It’s in your price range and supports Qobuz (and Tidal and HiresAudio and UPnP and…). I like and use it a lot but I have to note that its user interface is in German only.
As a side note: Auralic only provides an app for Apple iOS - that prevented me buying the Aries Mini and I went for the miniStreamer.

Thanks, will take a look at these later,
For some reason the bluesound hadn’t figured in my thoughts so far but looks a good option and still a current product

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I resisted the notion of streaming for ages but then having got into headphones rather thought the sq of some offerings very good. I use tidal now.
So the other day I was in
My dealer checking out more headphones and walked out with a Node.
I have to say that the sound quality is very good. It’s not up to the CDX but through the headline and into some beyerdynamic T5,3 it sounds great.
For me personally I don’t think I would bother adding a dac as I would just cut the the NDX chase. But that’s me.
Not really given them a good go through the sbls and they are a little exposed with my sennheisers but for 500 quid or so it’s a bargain.
So totally agree with the majority of post on the thread.
Good luck !


After a bit more reading about bluesound it does look a pretty good option and I’m coming around to the notion that could be the way to go.


The node is a fantastic product, very stable and polyvalent, offers good software and support. I use mine simply as a transport.

If you already have a dac also have a look to the IFi zen stream, the zen stream is better sounding than the Bluesound, but the provided software is very poor. If you use another software for streaming it could be a great transport.

I’d agree with Bluesound but unless the new Node is better than my Vault you might also want to add a DAC. In my case i found the sound didn’t match Naim Cd player so bought 2nd hand Naim DAC which is better

Bluesound is not on Naim level, the internal DAC is ok, as a transport to another dac is good enough.

I love the stability and versatility of this small Bluesound boxes.

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I have original 2i (I cannot keep straight). Great streamer. I use marantz sacd player for DAC but the internal node DAC is solid

The OP knows that already I think. His first source is CDS3/ 555 ps. He just wants to discover some new music and has 500 max as budget.

Thanks for all the input, there’s a Bluesound Node 2i heading my way this week……


The 2i or the new Node?

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The 2i

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Was not the new Node within budget?

It was, yes, but when I realised there were a couple of very nice pre-loved ones on a certain auction site the Yorkshireman in me took over, pocketed the 45% saving on new on the pretext of this being used to make the next few CD purchases “freebies”


If I want a streamer, it would be this one:


Also, maybe take a look at Innous Pulse Mini.

Good luck