Which TT wall shelf?

A mostly sober person could reasonably mistake my listening room with a trampoline park. Alas, there currently seems to be a dearth of turntable wall shelf offerings. I’m seeing the Target VW, Quadraspire and a few options from Project. I also might be able to twist a friend’s arm into selling me his Target TT1. What’s the current thinking on the best of what’s available for my LP12? I’m in the US, so tracking down an old Sound Org or AudioTech etc. is likely a nonstarter.


The Target TT1 may be an oldie but it’s still a good one with the Sondek provided it’s properly installed. It’s probably worthwhile replacing the spikes and also filling and refinishing any chewed areas on the board.

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I liked and ordered the Isoblu in 2020, but the wait was too long and indefinite during Cov19 & lockdown so went with Quadraspire SVT to replace the Hi Fi Racks one, which was just never rigid enough - too heavy I think for our wall! I still have my old SO shelf but it is not liked by my wife lookswise. She likes the SVT so that stays.


SVT shelf here too, mounted on an external wall of breeze block construction. Very solid and nicer to look at than black metal.


Thanks all. Thanks incredibly helpful.

Should the wall shelf go above the brains or brawn?

Brains (top to bottom):
Chord Qutest

Hicap DR
250 DR

As your LP12 is a transformerless source component, it should go above the brains stack, as far above it as you can manage, consistent with ergonomics, not overstretching your Radikal and Stageline cables, etc.

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