Which upgrade will provide the most joy?


I have the following:

  • ND555
  • 552
  • 300
  • Fraim
  • Dynaudio Confidence 20

I’m considering the following changes:

  1. 300 > 500

  2. Add Akurate LP12 or Vertere MG

I appreciate they are very different, but I can only do one at a time. What would you do?

Thanks for playing along :slight_smile:


There might be more to this than meets the eye.


Go 500

The LP12 Akurate not up to partnering with the 500 series

Need to go to the top level LP12 Klimax

Or just go straight to LP12 Klimax and leave 300

Not sure what your ultimate goal is re vinyl ?

Planet B.

Which sources do you have now, the CD555 the ND555 or both?

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Profile says ND555

Genuinely no real idea.

But look at that Vertere 8)

May I suggest that you also consider changing your speakers? In the context of your system, your speakers should also be in the £20k region :relaxed:

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Thanks Bluesfan. Updated posted to clarify.

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In the context of my space, the speakers are the only thing I’m sure about. Definitely no plans to upgrade :slight_smile:

Well, I auditioned an ND555 when looking for a streamer to replace the CDS3/555PSDR.

It’s a super source.

If you are happy to stick to streaming, then swap power amps or possibly better still, consider room treatment.

If you have or would like a record collection, then buy a turntable. There is endless debate about the relative merits of streaming vs. Vinyl as a source. As an owner of a Vertere MG-1, (and former LP12 owner) I would very much doubt that you would find it to be disappointing, so long as it is well set up.

Your question is a bit like asking, “do you prefer chocolate mousse or Picholene olives?”

We like both!

Best regards, BF



Do you already have a vinyl collection? At 500 level you would typically be talking about a Vertere SG or Linn Klimax but you really need to get some demos to see what works for you.

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Let’s say for example that you upgrade to a NAP 500, it will bring about an improvement, but I think a £20k pair of speakers will introduce a lot more joy :relaxed:


I think it depends on whether you want to play records. If you do, then get a record player. If you don’t, then you could improve the amplifier. But do you really need to? The 552/300 is a very fine combination.


Are you starting over with vinyl or you do have a collection and like the revival…?
Vinyl can be a rabbit hole especially these days of madness and speculation.
This could be a safe reasoning. Starting now with vinyl could really be expensive and not for the HiFi gear…
And as already suggested, a less than top notch vinyl playback system would not bring you great results. My humble opinion, of course.
By the way, great System :+1:

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That’s a very capable system you have, congratulations. May I ask what is your room size? Have you installed dedicated mains outlets? What comm’s/power cables are you using?

Hi Luke,

I have a Linn LP12 at Akurate level, which I have upgraded over time. The LP12 can be upgraded as and when. As a source I prefer it to my NDS with 555PS, although I use the NDS more.

I have an 82/ Supercap 2 with 2 x 135s.

With your 552 and 300 the turntables will sound very good.

You don’t need a Klimax level LP12 from the start.

So the ND555 is better than the NDS, so a Linn LP12 Akurate may not be quite as good, but will be different.

I find that vinyl has more character and soul. I’m sure some will shoot me down in flames, but that’s how it is for me.

However, vinyl is expensive and if you don’t have a record collection already you may be best off going for the 500.

Good luck with your choices.


Are you using the ND555 with one or two power supplies, if one…….then demo a second. You mention the word joy, the second power supply just brings out the best in-the ND555.

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No one has yet suggested cables, or switches… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :popcorn:

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