Which upnp do you use?

I have been using the Asset upnp for a few years now. The free version as I only required it for its basic function which is free.

But now not sure if the 24/192 bit rate is only for the paid version.

Can I know which other upnp services forum members use? And any particular advantage for using that particular upnp?

Appreciate the feedback.

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Asset UPnP for me, yu must get the full version, it does it all & more, 24/192, DSD & all (& more) of the lesser formats, so much more to list.
Its so so easy to install, simple to learn & optimise to whatever you want & a delight to use.

I tried Minimserver for a while until Illustrate released an Asset for Synology.
Minimserver (IMO) is a faff to set up (& I’m a techie geek) & although excellent for Classical music, I don’t have that much material to use it to its full potential.
Others tried; Synology Media Server (rubbish) Plex (OK but designed for video)


I use MinimServer. It just works for me and presents my music as I intend.

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Minimserver for me, does everything I need including 192/24

Asset on RPi2 for many years. Now SonoreUPnP Bridge from Roon.

Before that circa 2012
Twonky server (not a patch on Asset), and feel sorry for Melco users it must be terrible.
ReadyNAS DLNA, but no cover Artwork
LMS for a Squeezebox System - good at the time and could of been so much more

Another Asset user here. Love the functionality.

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Same as @Mike-B.

(Except I wouldn’t describe Synology Media Server as rubbish, I’d just describe it as a simple very basic UPnP server designed as a ‘get you going’ (and nothing more) solution to be included as part of the Synology OS package. It’s simple to use and does the basics reliably, but does nothing more than the absolute basics of a DLNA music server, but that’s all it’s ever intended to do and it actually does that strictly limited job quite well.)


ALAC via Twonky which was pre installed on WD Mybook Live; FLAC via MinimServer on 2017 iMac which was recommended by some members on this forum; SONOS Port.

For me too, and I recommend the full version. It is really a PnP in the true sense.

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We started with Squeezebox almost 15 years ago and went from there to Sonos (and regretted that profoundly) and went back and then via AssetUPnP onto Roon. The past 6 months we have been using MinimServer with BubbleUPnP (for Open Home).

LMS/SB was a perfect match for us, with a Transporter as the centrepiece. Unfortunately, the control points slowly deteriorated, accounting for our diversion into Sonos. We kept the Transport for dedicated listening until we finally had to throw in the towel. Then when we bought the Naims, we purchased AssetUPnP to replace LMS. However, having not just Naim renderers, we needed something which would allow us to play multiroom and thus purchased Roon.

Roon is very, very smooth and handles diverse renderers very well. However, since we only use the streaming part and none of the augmented metadata features, we have chosen to phase it out in favour of Open Home. The accumulated price is simply too high for that one feature, however brilliantly it may work.

Even if it is cumbersome to configure, the MinimServer is very flexible when it comes to metadata structure, which allows us to have radio stations inline with albums and podcasts, and present it on the control point in an intuitive manner. VTuner and TuneIn are fine for browsing new radio stations but much too tedious for daily listening. On top of this, we put BubbleUPnP to support shared playlists and multiple control points.

We have an Open Home control point in the making right now and have started looking into the possibilities of supporting multiroom. Until that is done, we use mainly the Lumin control point on mobile and tablet. I have yet to see a good control point for desktop use. Kazoo works but isn’t brilliant.

If Assett would PLEASE fix a bug then this would be my package of choice. I used Assett for years, following a recommendation from NAIM support (Chris Harris) and it was brilliant. Went to a different streamer and this highlighted a bug in the software :frowning: Now I’m having to use Minim which, IMHO, is a lot more complicated and harder to config. Once Assett have their issue sorted I’ll be back like a shot - btw I paid for the full version.

'morning Xanthe, howzit going ??
The reason I described Syn’s Media Server as rubbish (maybe I was more than a bit grumpy yesterday) is because it is so basic, & considering Synology are one of the leading NAS brands I would have thought they would at least spend a few dollars on getting the basic basics right.
Yes its a get you going server, but it falls short in some area’s; e.g. it offers transcoding but that down samples 24 to 16 bit & when transcoding it fails to play gapless.
Yes its perfectly OK & easy to use outside that.

I mostly use Roon these days, but I do have a fall back ReadyDLNA media server in one of my NASs which works rather well, albeit doesn’t transcode.
I have used dbpoweramp’s Asset and MinimServer in the past. Both of these are very capable, I simply don’t use now as I don’t need all the features they provide anymore.
I have found transcoding with the current generation streamers using an off board / decoupled DAC unnecessary.
If using a first generation streamer, then strongly advise transcoding to WAV PCM irrespective of using an off board DAC or not.

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I no longer use UPnP as I don’t stream my music across a network, but when I did, feeding an ND5XS, I used three UPnP servers in turn:

  1. Twonky, which came free with the cheap NAS (NSA325): it worked, however I didn’t like it, though I don’t remember any specifics as to what I didn’t like as it was some time ago, though I think it was more the awkwardness of setting up than performance. I very quickly changed to:

  2. Logitech Media Server, which was great. It did what it said on the tin, serving music files to the ND5XS without a hitch, and was a doddle to set up.

  3. When I abandoned the NSA325 NAS due to it being very noisy (acoustically), replacing it with a Mac Mini functioning as a NAS, I used Serviio, which was a free app. It also did what it said on the tin, serving music files to the ND5XS without a hitch, and likewise was a doddle to set up.

The absolute beauty of both LMS and Serviio with the ND5XS, though I don’t know if down to the server software or the player, was that I could browse and search perfectly using the file structure I had set up in the store. (Simple nested folders genre\artist\album\track files, with album names carrying essential info to differentiate, and track names usually simply as ripped or downloaded, just with added leading track number if spotted as missing at the time.) That meant it didn’t matter how complete or consistent metadata might be, or even if chunks or all were missing - in particular with classical that was a real boon. I can’t comment as to the top resolution limit of these as at the time I don’t recall what was the highest resolution files I had at the time.

My present library/playing software, Audirvana, which I use as a renderer for direct output to a DAC in which mode it exceks, unfortunately largely relies on metadata – so that would apply if it were used in its UPnP server mode.

I am using, with great success, Minimserver and Foobar2000 with my QNAP NAS and ND5XS

What does foobar2000 bring to the mix in that setup?

I use Foobar to edit or alter metadata and album art.
I rip with either dbbase, I think it is called, or acurip, I think it is called. Sorry my memory is not good and I do not have my PC on to have a look.

Could you say what the bug is? I’ve not noticed any. Have you posted on their forum - things usually get resolved very quickly?

If your streamer requests the list of tracks to play using a rare command then the list is returned in alphabetical order rather than track order. It doesn’t effect NAIM products. Assett are aware and promised a fix a few months ago. I asked a couple of weeks ago and I was told Assett development is on the back burner whilst they work on the new dbpoweramp software.

Thanks. As I have only Naim streamers, that explains why I don’t see the problem. Let’s hope it gets fixed for you.