Which whisky are you drinking and why someone else might enjoy it?

Not tried yet Anthony. May crack it open tonight, after all it’s for drinking! :wink:

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Go for it Steve :tumbler_glass:

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Oh, nice. Enjoy. :tumbler_glass:

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Do you like peaty whisky’s? The Port Charlotte I opened a week or two ago is stunning.


For my taste, that may be a little too heavily peated Islay, however I can imagine it is really good !


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It’s fabulous!

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A wee dram raised to her majesty.


Settling down for the England game with some Ballantine’s highballs…


Just back from Dewars distillery where I was able to sample some of their whisky. The 18yr Cote Rotie finish limited edition was my favourite. Very good. Sneaked one home :blush:


While I didn’t bring a bottle back home, I did like the DEWAR’S PORTUGUESE SMOOTH a lot. For an 8yr old whisky it was very good. I may well pick a bottle up at some point, very good value!


Been falling behind with the sample boxes, prefering cold nights with my whisky but to go with Borgen on netflix, Glenfarclas 105… nice charred citrus fruit hints, bottle to be ordered.


Thanks to my daughter’s generous Father’s Day gift of Weller Full Proof I now have some pretty maids all in a row!


That is a wonderful gift

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Weller Bourbon… that is a nice gift.
I have only the 12 yr old- you seem to have polished that off!

I do love the 12yo, too! Thankfully, there is about a third of that bottle left. Most of the time I drink the Special Reserve or Antique 107, since that is more readily available. I have never seen the full proof on a store shelf. It is ridiculous what has become of Weller (and Blanton’s and EH Taylor). I used to be able to buy multiple bottles, whenever I wanted it, for retail price. Now, it is hard to find one at less than a 3x markup, and even then you feel fortunate!

I think tonight I will have to enjoy some of the full proof along with some tunes. Cheers!

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Very fond of Aberfeldy, we picked up a bottle of 16 at the airport on our way to our honeymoon in West Lewis and it was just the thing to have in the hip flask for a damp walk on the moors. Enough character to overwhelm the citral based midge repellent we were spreading on any exposed skin (Avon skin so soft as advised by Iain Banks, not aimed at midges but it kept the little blighters at bay all week).


I have the 16 and it’s a lovely dram. When I was tasting the 18 the guy at the distillery said to try the 16 with 2-4 drops of water (in a double measure). It just takes a little bit of the edge off and opens it up even more. I tried exactly that and it does work (after getting a dropper as I’m too clumsy using the tap :joy: ).

If you like the 16, try one of the 18’s if you get a chance. They’re very good!

Having been given a Talisker for Father’s Day, I have now been tasked by my Sis to visit the local offie and acquire my birthday pressie - depending upon what they have in stock (and they’re normally quite good), I think I’ll try a Speyside.

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My local shop called to say I was fortunate enough to get this beauty in the recent releases from Campbeltown. Batch no 6, I must see how it compares to batch 5.