Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

Yes, the licensing laws and regulations are dismal in Canada. I don’t really understand why. But Qobuz won’t even do business with us. I know that’s a different set of regulations, but the source issue is most likely similar.
I didn’t realise that the US have some issues like that as well.

Beatiful background too.

The background of that photo includes my son playing Nintendo, 7 Naim boxes and an SL2.

So, yes, beautiful things. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bless him! Was he the rugby league fan?

Yes, but he preferred Union

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NAS Martinet Cami Pessaroles 2011.
60/40 Carignan:Grenache
Bricking colour with lovely sweet plum and leather in a voluptuous initial palate. Has a slightly tannic finish that matches well with slow cooked short rib roast on this cold midwinter Matariki NZ night


A friend called round last night to share this very pleasant bottle .


A strictly everyday Malbec from the co-op
Notable for stating that it is suitable for Vegans

And goes nicely with spicy sausages and steak

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White wine with sparkling water :sweat_smile:

I’d never tried Juliénas until we stayed in Beaujolais a couple of weeks ago. We went to the Château de Juliénas for a tasting and bought a case of various wines. This Le Clos is their posh one, and it’s absolutely delightful. Unlike being in Beaujolais it’s bloody freezing tonight, so we had dinner indoors!


Selection from yesterday’s lunch - a once a year event hosted by our company for employess of 10 yrs service and more (21 in my case ) list of wines attached - all superb wine of the day for me Chablis Les Clos


How was the Brunello?

Nice one from the Haags, perfect to Salmon from the BBQ, Fennel Salad, 30 centigrades at the balcony and some Glasto listening :ok_hand:


Big fan of FH wines

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Yes, great producer, even the dry ones are great, I love the semi-dry ones from them, just a universal food companion, also to a crispy duck :wink:


Summer pudding with a Barsac. Luscious, peachy, quite intense. Now where is that pudding?


Exceptional took about 20 mins in glass to shine, served with lamb


Waitrose have this Puisseguin Saint Emillion on sale irregularly, including this weekend. Lovely!


Have tried that a few times before, generally when on offer.

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Interesting one from Tesco:

Under a tenner, £8 at Sainsburys. Pretty full-bodied and could easily hold its own against some double the price.