Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

I have to assume that anything consumed was somewhat bitter and certainly neither NZ nor French

I’m not sure what you mean, the one that is most popular here is from NZ, Cloudy Bay (I think). To me it just tastes like passion fruit.

It was a Bledisloe reference - Wallabies mugged by ABs with connivance of pedantic Frenchman

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Sorry, too early here. I am trying to forget that.

Sounds like a but it of a cheat to me. Never ever seen a penalty for time wasting in rugby. Ever.

Tried this tonight. The Penfolds aficionados might be familiar - it’s the Napa valley equivalent of the 407 (a hemispherical reflection, I think they called it, hence the number). It was… nice, but in my opinion, not a patch on the 407. A bit young, perhaps, but nowhere near the fruit or the punch of the 407.

I have a case of the 704 in bond, and 4 or 5 cases of 407s (different vintages). After tasting the 704 this evening, I think I’ll sell it and focus on the 407.


I wasn’t aware Penfolds produced any wine in the US. 407 is a special wine.


Me neither Pete / hope it’s legit

That label could easily trick the unsuspecting.

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The Penfolds website describes it well, an interesting experiment. But to me, it’s no 407.

Yes looks as though they currently produce 3 wines - 2 cab sauvs and a Shiraz

I also have a case of the 600 (Napa Shiraz/cab) in bond, but after this evening’s experience, I suspect it’ll be no 389!

They might improve with time in a cellar.

Yes, for sure. And even if the wine is merely 6, 7 or 8 years old, it will most likely have a garnet rim. I rzrely drink a wine without a garnet rim. Just too tannic, acidic and undeveloped.

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Penfolds are also involved with producing a champagnel in partnership with local champagne house Theinot. They are getting quite international.

Think that happened when the Chinese put a 200% trafe on Australian wines. They had to start looking for new markets, oddly enough I think they’re even now producing wine in China.

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Penfold’s rather creative solution to the ban in China on Australian wine.

Completely genuine, although I suspect that Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold maybe creaking in his grave at the idea.

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Amusingly boozy lunch, earlier.


We do appreciate that you do it, so we don’t have to.

Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers

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How’s Orson ? We haven’t seen him for a while