Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

Yeah, I finally learnt how to make an Aussie Shiraz drinkable :grin:


Wine pairing with last night’s meal out (wedding anniversary). The chateauneuf du pape was probably the star of the show for me. Very rarely have white chateauneuf, but it was beautiful.


We drank this yesterday to celebrate our 49th anniversary of moving in together. It was all that I love about St Julian and all the better as I know I bought it in France for about £15 a bottle back in the day.


Congratulations, a great love👍

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You’re obviously not buying the right ones. :grin:


Congratulations 49 years is a long time, she obviously likes you.

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I’m sure you’re right, as I’ve never found one I’ve really enjoyed. I should probably try harder.

Aussie Shiraz’s are bold and obviously not to everyone’s taste but if you get a good one you may change your mind. They go well with a good steak, medium rare. Rod might be able to point you in the right direction as I’m not sure what’s available (or how it’s labeled) in the UK.

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Michele Chapoutier is one of my favourite and most trusted producers. His wines are always great, even in a very difficult growing season.


There are many excellent Aus Shiraz’s available, and not all from the Barossa. But usually for a roast or steak or full-flavour protein. Medium-full body tho and some prefer a lighter, !ess-concentrated wine.

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Those that want something a little lighter might go for one of many fine Aussie Cab/Sav, lots to choose from.

For sure. We always enjoy Aus wines. Shiraz is my wife’s favourite wine. I have a nice assortment in the collection, and when they’re aged properly, wow, just fabulous. Some of the GSM’s are quite a bit lighter and also excellent.

I’m obviously a bit bias but we don’t get a lot of imported stuff plus I like to support the local industry. However I never drink Aussies wines when I’m away I try and drink local stuff where possible.

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I wish I could support local, but Canadian wines are overpriced here, and frankly, I find them lacking for the most part. I can buy an excellent old world or new world wine of better quality for 30% less, and you guys have to ship it 10,000 miles. And when you see a line up of premier wines at an event for tasting or whatever, there’s never a Canuck wine there. Must be a reason …
Mainly tho, I’m talking about Ontario wines.

Have to be honest I don’t immediately think of Canada when I think of wine. However the west coast is beautiful, have very found memories of our trip. Guess it’s horses for courses.

Yeah, true enough, it’s very majestic out west and some of the BC wines are quite good. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I’ve only just started to enjoy Pinot Noir, they’re a bit light for my liking but I didn’t mind this Tasmanian at all.


That’s a pretty good Pinot Pete

One of Tassie’s good ones but there are heaps of them now

The NZ Central Otago ones are slightly more heavier shall we say or give that impression, so might be more to your liking but one has to pay a bit over the top in Australia for the good ones which is a pity

Bit like everything I guess that’s imported into this country

Think it maybe a bit young. Got lots of citrus its almost got a mandarin after taste.

Correct - needs at least 5 years that one . I find top quality pinots great between 5-8 years.

But there are some super quality ones that go 10 years + such as Bindi Block 5 from the Macedon Ranges Victoria and Bell Hill from North Canterbury NZ