Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

@Quickben I note that Mates Chardonnay 2020 was James Suckling’s wine of the year world wide recently. Maybe the 2016 needs more time.

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James Sucklings reviews have been called out numerous times by other industry pros. In our bi-weekly product offering mag that is distributed by our Liquor Board, the JS reviews are the ones that I either pass over, or find a second review online if I’m intrigued by the wine itself.
Of course some of his reviews are valid, but there’s just been too many dodgey ones over the years.
However, YMMV …

But truthfully, the Aussie reviewers are the worst in the magazine. Every single one of the oz wines is a 96 pointer, and is good for 15-20 years in the cellar. It’s kind of funny actually.


Well @IDAK that might well be the case and I do have another bottle to try in a year or three, We have found the Coddington generally more approachable but this was part of a mixed case so not going to pass it over!

We have just opened the 2016 Maison Albert Bichot Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Domaine du Pavillon over lunch and this had so much more balance. Definite citrus notes on the palate but everything was so well integrated. I think that was probably the only time I bought Bichot and tasting it today reminded me just how enjoyable white Burgundy can be.

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Blue hour on the balcony on a wonderful late summer’s evening: Perfect moment for Candialle’s Riserva (Chianti Classico 2015) from Panzano.

And I am very sorry: There will be nothing left in the bottle for tomorrow’s lunch. :wink:


Another lunch, another bottle


The Bichot sounds magnificent. Here it is NZ$250 whereas the top Kumeu rivers are NZ$80-90 and vaguely affordable for a special occasion.

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I have no idea yet if it’s good, but I had to buy it.


Interesting comparison. Cellartracker tells me that the Kumeu River was £38 DP and the Bichot £58 IB so probably twice the NZ price after taxes added back. I see the Kumeu prices have taken a significant hike since but nothing like the position on Burguny which make the majority of Burgundy unaffordable for me too.

I remember doing the en primeur tasting in London and wincing at the majority of the prices especially when I could find little to enjoy in many of the immature wines being poured. I bought 3 cases - one red and two whites and pushed the boat out on the Bichot because it was delicious. Next year I only bought Pouilly Fuisse and St Veran in the whites and Marsannay in the reds - as prices went through the roof. Now I am retired, I get to enjoy what I bought when I had a salary. There is still value to be found but more work needed.

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A funky label and nicely rounded taste.


I have an interest in wines which are based on sherry grapes so had to try this:

It’s interesting but I don’t think the grape (PX) can make excellent dry wine, although it makes very decent ‘sherry’ of all styles.


A very nice Bordeaux rosé, despite the dodgy label, made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot. In the restaurant of the casino in La Rochelle, which does a great value à volonté buffet, and you can watch the sun going down too, which is a nice bonus.


Our first bottle of Didier Dagueneau 2012 Silex. Purchased after someone shared a bottle of 2007 with me and it is still one of the most sublime Sancerres I have tried. Those who met Didier before his untimely death in 2008 especially the winemakers who spent time with him, like Duncan Savage tell me he was a magician with Sauvignon Blanc.


Astonishing wine. Didier certainly was able to create pure magic from the oft-one dimensional Sauvignon grape, but his son Louis-Benjamin (Ben) seems to have inherited the gift and has filled his father’s shoes with considerable aplomb, despite having to step into them at a young age following Didier’s premature death


Sadly it’s the last night of our September jaunt around France. We are now in Normandy, in Alençon. Being a Monday nearly everywhere is shut, but this rather excellent modern bistro, La Suite, is very much open. And this bottle of Quincy is very nice indeed. We started our holiday with a posh meal in Uzerche, and we end with another posh meal in Alençon. What a fine country France is.


NZ Te Whare Ra Pinot Noir 2018
NZ Church Rd Res Chardonnay 2020. (sorry about the focus)
Just great examples of fabulous wine.


love Qunicy great wines

Had a couple of Chardonnays tonight at a family do.
Piuze Chablis “ Terroirs” 2021
Green gold colour. Very linear with mineral , saline, green apple and harissa herbal notes. Long with tense acidity. Quite mouthwatering.
Craggy Range “ Kidnappers “ Chardonnay 2021. Hawkes Bay.
Paler yellow colour. Again linear with chalky and citrus notes. Not as complex as the Chablis but at half the price, good value as a chablis analogue.


This is great, really great. Much better than I was expecting. So much deep forest fruits and spice. Much more grown up and structured than I expect for a new world wine at this price point. Very pleased that I have the rest of the case to get into over the coming years! Thoroughly recommended. Enjoying in front of the MuSo and some Mike Oldfield.


Another nice quaff with a quirky name. Full fruit and low in tannins.


One of my favourite reds, Penfolds 2004 St Henri Shiraz.