Whirring Sound from ND5 XS2

M-B, I was in a similar situation, humming and high voltage, decided to experiment with an airlink balanced power transformer, cured everything. The airlink reduced the voltage feeding the naim kit and no more humming hifi equipment. The airlink does hum time to times but a lot less than the naim kit so pound for pound a great upgrade.

Interesting and a reasonable price did the Naim sound degrade using one of these?

Indeed a balanced transformer is the answer to all manner of mains power ill’s. That was going to be my next step if the DC block filter did not work.
Because it fixed the annoying variable hum noise changes I did not take it any further. My remaining problem is simply a soft low level hum thats caused by voltage at the top end of the UK norm range, I was thinking about a balanced transformer with variable voltage taps, but not anymore. .

No degradation, if any clarity improved. Also, it would be surprising if humming and vibrating transformers were doing anything good to the SQ so probably best to have these things happen outside of all the sensitive Naim boxes.

I have to add that my DC blocking filter made a subtle improvement to SQ. Again I suspect happy & calmed transformers.

Also my experience with a very similar ‘DC’ blocking unit.

Thanks for the reply. I’m was about to move my dedicated spur from the old music room but I may not bother and try an airlink is this the power supply


I have a BPS 3000 UKMP. I also asked for a small voltage step-down as the house was very close to 250v.

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Give them a call, they are very helpful, and can also customise units to suit your requirements.
One issue you need to consider is where to site the thing, as there is a chance that it will buzz instead of your amp/psu, potentially achieving nothing it it has to be in your listening room.

That’s a good point Chris something to think about.

I believe at least one forum member has installed one in his garage, running a dedicated circuit from it to his listening room. I guess this would be the gold standard, if you have the space, as it can then buzz away as much as it wants.

Good idea, we have a shed on the other side of the speaker wall we can run the dedicated mains to the shed then distribute to unswitched sockets in the listening room, okay a sparky will be doing the works but it sounds like a plan.

Have a look at this thread from the old forum:

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