“whispering” Bob - get well soon

Bob Harris (of OGWT fame - I know you all know that) fell ill recently and is now off air for an indeterminate period.

Get well soon Bob :crossed_fingers:


Yes indeed, get well very soon. Although I’m not a regular listener to his Country Show, its a bit of a mortality wake up call to us ol’ grey tops when one of the foundation pillars of auntie Beeb takes a health break.


I can only echo that. Get well soon Bob.

Pretty serious condition, my dad had the same issue. Get well soon BOB

I hope he recovers soon.
A wonderful person

Get well soon Bob.
An extremely serious condition - a friend suffered the same - an aortic dissection, last year.
Apparently about 20% of patients with an aortic dissection die before reaching the hospital. The next year will be tricky.
It can often lead to organ failure too - my friend suffered a stroke and has lost a kidney due to it.

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