Whitch Hat Phantom vs TQB 2

Hi, which speaker cabel would be best for my Supernait 3 + Kudos Super 20a?
Phantom or TQB2? Any other? Budget max 350GBP/3,5m

thanks a lot

There is no best my friend…its down to which you prefer the sound of. We are all different and will therefore have different opinions to offer.
Will your dealer allow you to borrow the cables to audition?

Definitely ask for a home loan, I’d be looking for TQ Ultra Black, WH Phantom or the new Kudos.
Also if you could expand budget, longer length something like 5-8 mtr usually sound better on Naim amplifiers.

WH only avilable in UK so no chance for home loan, so what is the sound difference between TQ Black 2 vs WH Phantom? I will take one of them

thanks for help, have a nice day

It’s an impossible question to answer. Few people have directly compared both and which they chose depends on their personal taste. For what it’s worth, I use TQBII with my Supernait 3 and it works very well.

and i use phantom with mine which works really well too! its a personal thing ultimately
but id say the phantom has a bit more bass drive than TQ possibly due to thicker conductors.

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Exactly. I’m sure they are both very good. The main thing that made me decide on the TQ was that it was available straight away whereas the Phantom was quite a delay. Listening tests? Pah!

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