White noise / hum with Naim Uniti Star

Hi everybody,

I have just purchased a Naim Uniti Star and I’m pretty impressed by the sound quality.
However, there’s something that troubles me: when the Star is switched on without music, a white noise/hum comes out of the 2 tweeters of my Heresy III (same problem encountered with my previous B&W PM1), when I switch the Star off, the noise stops but comes back after 30 seconds (I hear some kind of power back up). Do you have any idea what could cause this problem? Is it normal? I hope you can help me explain / solve this problem. Thank you in advance!

Hi Jo_W,

I have a Nova and it is doing the same as you described.
However if you switch to standby and a USB device is connected or server mode is on. The device does not go in to deep sleep mode, hence the hum/hiss from the tweeters. When entering deep sleep, you’ll hear relais clicking and the hum/hiss will stop.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your short reply,
How do you switch off server mode or enter deep sleep? I’ve been looking for these settings but couldn’t find it.

Thanks for your answer!

Ok I’ve found the deep sleep mode, I will use it when I’m not using my Star for a while. But if you can explain me how to switch off server mode, I would gladly appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s in the app under other settings…

Do you have anything connected to your Star. If so you you could have a earth loop causing the hum. There’s a switch on the back you can try to hopefully stop that.

There are 3 kinds of power switching.
1st. - Stand-by server mode. Device is switched off through the Naim app or short powerbutton press and can be seen with Naim app and other upnp party’s.This is where there is no relais clicking when powering off and a slight hum/hiss comes from the speakers. Also when a USB is connected.

2nd. - Deep sleep. When switching off through app of short powerbutton press. you’ll hear relais click and hum/hiss will stop. The device will still be selectable with the Naim app.

3rd. - Off. When the powerbutton is pressed for 5 seconds it’ll enter off mode. You’ll hear relais click and the device does not show up in the Naim app.

I hope this brings some clarity.



Hi Michael, it’s now crystal clear, many thanks for your explanations!

This should be resolved with a firmware update. One should be able to at least have an usb stick attached to the device (server mode off) while having a silent standby without hum (uniti) and hiss (speaker).

At what reason does the usb stick require the PU to stay on?

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