Whither Naim New Zealand

Does anyone know if NZ will be getting a dedicated Naim dealer to replace Chris Murphy?
It’s a year since we have lost local Naim expertise. My main concern is with software upgrades for legacy streamers such as my 272. It sounds superb and it suits me very well Tidal, UpNP and internet radio, but I can see a time where it may not be able to be updated. The successor streamer/preamp should be good when it eventually comes but without dealership backup I would not feel comfortable with the investment in funds. I am starting to look at alternative steaming options, of which there are many. I have been a loyal customer since 1990. Come on Naim, get us a local centre of excellence for your excellent products!

I think your main dedicated naim retail dealer is now Addicted to Audio

Addicted to Audio is the retail arm of the new naim distributor Busisoft ( same distributor in Aus)

I assume there will be other retail outlets other than addicted to Audio as is here is Australia such as audio Genesis in Sydney and Audio Trends in Melbourne etc

Hope that helps

Paul Money Audio and Addicted to Audio are both retail outlets for the new NZ distributor (same as Australia as @Bevo says). Hopefully their level of support and servicing going forward compares favourable with what’s left behind. They do have different business models from what we have enjoyed in the past though.

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Indeed they (will) do Mike

Nothing stays the same forever except my wonderful naim retailer here in Sydney, he’s never going to retire :+1::grinning:


It looks like these new outlets simply do not have the degree of “in house” knowledge about the products in terms of after sales follow-up. I was put onto a local hifi serviceman in my town by one of these dealers, this serviceman can do the generic hardware servicing but has no knowledge about the software.
We certainly have lost a huge base of knowledge, something that a niche product in a small country is susceptible to. Never mind. Time to move on.

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I’m thinking what you are finding in NZ might also be applicable here in Aus IDAK

It takes years and years to build up the naim knowledge base

There is a local service agent here in Sydney who has been around since the early days and is excellent on the basic stuff

I’m very lucky that my naim dealer of over 36 years has an excellent knowledge of each product and really puts the time in to understand it all on the newer product coming through

Not sure the level of in house expertise with the new distributor . What happens if something significant goes wrong on a product / back to Salisbury HQ from Aus ??? Who knows . Or if major upgrade required . Before it was back to Chris who could do DR conversions as an example etc etc

Maybe worrying times as you say IDAK


I was being diplomatic :sunglasses:

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I gathered that :crazy_face:


Where are you based? I’m in Wellington and happy to give you some pointers or assistance if you’re looking for help with straight-forward things like software upgrades


@JonoB i am in the Hutt. Thanks for your kind offer. Currently everything is fine. Just had a scare with domestic network which I initially thought was 272 software issue. Real music have been very helpful with my periodic naim glitches, it is just that over time they may be less able to help. They remain excellent re advice currently.

No worries - Chris, Steve and the team at Real Music have always been really helpful, haven’t they? When the change happened Steve mentioned that they would continue to support their customers as best they can

The offer odd still open - if you’re stuck and need a hand, let me know. I’ve been a computer network specialist in a past work life, and us Naim aficionados need to look after each other :wink:


That’s so kind. Yes, Real Music have been a paragon of excellence in terms of customer care and the loss of that has been my main concern. Anyway, off for a MTB ride! Will keep in touch if I’m in an IT pickle. Thanks :blush:

And a mountain biker as well? I’m president of the Wellington MTB club :grinning:


Wow, I’m training for the Karapoti in May. Lost 3 weeks due to illness but getting back into it. Nice ride in Belmont regional park this morning. Perfect conditions.

I found a large amount of cash in the western hills on my ride this morning. It may have come from a mountain biker. I have posted a message on the Wellington MTB club Facebook page. The Lower Hutt police have the cash. Sorry for thread drift!

Drug money ha :crazy_face:


The Welly tracks Facebook group will be your best bet - it’s got around 4500 members (Ava is run by the Welly MTB club health and safety officer)

On the topic of Karaooti, there’s some pretty special single track hidden off the sides of the race course. If you want an introduction to some of the better options in happy to show you them.

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Thabkduvery much I have asked Richard Dane how we can continue this conversation.


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