Who has a NAP V145

I just bought a NAP 250DR to replace my NAP 250.2

Buddy ! What an amp, it is marvelous !!!
It blows my NAP 250.2 which is gone rear speakers instead of my NAP 200.

My NAP V145 which is “half” of a NAP 250.2 (which can be DR upgraded) cannot be upgraded DR ???

Please Naim People have our NAP V145 upgraded DR !

Should we create a petition :joy::joy::joy:?
DR NAP V145 ! DR NAP V145 ! DR NAP V145 ! DR NAP V145 ! DR NAP V145 !

(Anyone tried its DVD5 on a Samsung 8K TV ? It blows it !)

I think Naim’s little dalliance with AV was the first time they really went with a “me too” strategy - they did it their way obviously, and this amplifier and the matching AV2 were somewhat eccentric.

I don’t think you’ll be seeing further investment from Naim in these products.

A Naim/Focal branded soundbar - well that might be another story…

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What I was saying is that one can have a 250.2 upgraded but not a mono V145 (that is “half” a 250.2) :slightly_frowning_face:.

A NAP V145 has to “V” for video but some can use them in HiFi systems replacing the old 135.

Never made a NAP-V145DR and knowing them, they would insist on making it a proper R&D project if they were to do so - or offer a DR upgrade to existing NAP-V145s. You could always ask though, and see what they say…

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I had asked Naim years ago if it was possible, but no :slightly_frowning_face:

Too bad, the 250 DR is so much better than the 250.2. More than an evolution it sounds like a new range.

The NAPV145 was not, and was never intended as a NAP135 replacement. It was literally just a single channel version of the NAP250.2, and didn’t have the extra heatsinks, cooling etc… of the NAP135s. The NAP300 was effectively the upgrade/replacement for the NAP135s. I recall comparing a pair of NAP-V145s against a NAP250.2 and a NAP300. They were a marginal upgrade on the NAP250.2, but not really worthwhile considering the additional cost. Of course, the NAP300 took overall honours.

I asked the same question as @Karyboue some time ago on the basis that if the 145 is half a 250.2, then a DR conversion could be ‘doable’? It would probably have a to be 'after hours project by someone at Naim with time on their hands.

I don’t have the serial number for mine so don’t know it’s age only that I’ve owned it for over 10 years so it’s probably close to needing a service even though it’s Ok. Maybe servicing will keep the 145 owners happy even if a DR conversion isn’t going to happen.

If it could, it would probably not be something Naim would entertain, and further discussion would likely fall foul of forum AUP.

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Still loving my 145 after 16-17 years, faithfully driving a Neat MFC.

Have you had yours serviced yet @TokyoNick ?

No problems Richard.

I’ve edited my post.

Cheers, Rack.


Sadly no. I’m in Japan and not available. Maybe one day…@Richard.Dane may remember the days when I used to call him in the early 2000s when he was still in the Naim Office and I was building a 5 channel system using all Naim.


Would it be that expensive for an “after hour project” upgrading the NAP V 145 to DR, if we are numerous enough ?

V145 + 250 DR is no more coherent on my HT system … really not anymore, the DR is some much better.

By the way, what centre loudspeaker do you have? It is an SBL, I suggest Hicap DR >> Snaxo SBL >> Nap250DR >> SBL.
This way you can use one of the channels for the tweeter, and one for the mid/bass.


I’d buy a NAP145 tomorrow if I could. Personally I’m a believer in dual-purpose systems, AV and hifi, shouldn’t have to compromise on either

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as it is, for a centre channel I’m looking at using a NAP200 and essentially ‘bi-amping’ the centre channel with a 250 for the front stereo pair

You are right, V145 is slightly better than a 250.2, but on a central speaker it is much better on the voices. On a center speaker it is what we expect it to be.

My DR kills the V145 watching a movie or anything, really kills it, it is not the same sound. In my room the DR is wide and projecting along the walls, I love it, The V145 is “inside”, it almost “disappears”, it is blown in the back of the rear wall.

I watch “tonight” because of french curfew Stewart Copland’s documentary on The Police (what a sens of humour :joy::joy::joy: “The police was the first boys band” :joy::joy::joy: love it …)
It is great on the center channel as most of the documentary is mono … but sometimes it goes real 5.1 and the DR gets insanely great and “turns off” the V145. It is very frustrating.

…or a used second 250

I never published any pic of my system …

Center is a triphonic system : 2 sats + passive sub. NACA 5 get out of the V145 to the passif sub, then back to the 2 sats.

I could have bought an axent from a friend of mine but where would I put it ???


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You are right but where you would you put the extra HT or extra strictly stereo gear with Preamp + CD + power, etc ?

HT is at least 3 amps + a a processor an stereo a CD player + preamp … + power …
Get ready to stack all of this … (and that’s my biggest problem since I discovered the DR ans that the DVD5 as a CD player and the AV2 as pream are pretty weak …)