Who mostly listen to classical music?🎵

I’m a fan for classical music.
I’m curious why people choose Naim system for classical music over others?

Not class A , not tube , but Naim.


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SL, I listen to organmusic quite a bit and I have my instrument connected to Naim amplification for the reason that it has splendid dynamics.

Power, bass.

I also have a subscription to the digital concert hall and watch listen the berliner there. My tv into a Naim AV2 into a Nap 200 into bw cm5s. The Magic’s is here in the AV2 which seems to have the right timbre for music, but also movies.

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I just don’t worry about genres, Bach, Coltrane, Jeff Beck it’s all sublime. Further it doesn’t matter what logo is on the stereo, I just landed in Salisbury.


You can connect your instruments with naim gear ? That’s cool !

I don’t know what’s AV2 and cm5s

NDX2 is my only naim gear so far and i love it . I listen to classic Fm everyday. Different stations for classical music all around the world.
I never thought I will listen to radio often again, but since I bought the streamer, I listen to radios for hours daily.
It shows artists and songs, so I searched all the pieces that I like on the radios. And saved them in my playlist.

I’m not familiar with full naim system yet, but Radios , naim app . naim form are fabulous.


Yes. I’ve midi keyboards connected to my Mac pro which has an optical connection to the connected SuperNait 1. The latency is low enough to work properly. I’m very content with the sound. It’s like having my ears next to the instrument.


Yes I like all those artists,
But why you choose naim system for those types of music over others

That sounds attractive.
What speakers do you use

An excellent dealer demonstrated various brands and we ended up with Naim. The rest they say……………

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I listen mostly to classical music - 90%, I’d say. Then some jazz (ECM recordings, Keith Jarrett, etc.), and a few other musicians like Leonard Cohen.
Why Naim? A good question - Naim may not be the best system for classical music (voices in particular), but I started with Naim a long time ago, and I agree with @Ardbeg10y that, with Naim amplification, the speed and dynamic range are superb. Listen to a well-recorded piano, Prokofiev’s sonatas on Harmonia Mundi (Melnikov) for instance, and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.

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Naim was the first system I have demoed with my dealer.

If you want to hear what Naim can do with classical try Tennstedt, the LSO doing Luddie’s Eroica. Now that is dynamics and textures!


Nerds and hipsters.

I’m a big fan of Leonard Cohen, I demoed his songs on naim atom, nova before.
I listen to piano, cello ,strings a lot

I will try this when I go my dealer’s next time.

A reason I’m somewhat agnostic on the logo was brought home at the Whittlebury show a few years back. Peter @Cymbiosis had as usual assembled a brilliant system and a group of us spent an afternoon almost in there just listening and gassing about music😎.


Ok This will be on my list when I go to my dealer’s.

Sweet, was it in a naim system ?
Peter @Cymbiosis Look so pro with his profile picture.

Yeah if I remember correctly LP12 552/300/Titans.

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Well me for a start!
Most mornings I play Radio 3 from my 01 tuner. FM has its limitations on dynamics but overall very satisfying.
Never had an issue with ANY sort of music in my 500 system. Classical music for me does the job and more so.
Most dealers/shows focus on “non classical” probably by default. It can be easier on a first hearing.
Being judgemental, is that wise these days?, classical takes longer to apprreciate especially longer works. There is also a degree of knowing what to liten for. Told you I was judgemental. My wife says I am a musical snob. She may have a point.
Give me an LP of Frjday night in San Francisco and you have me hooked.


Kutos titan is so popular on naim form, I never seen any on demo in audio stores from where I live , curious what it sounds like

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Rich, dynamic, great groove😎