Who mostly listen to classical music?🎵

I’m trying to find Radio 3 on naim app right now, could’t find one for classical music.

seems you feel really satisfied on classical music with your 500, that’s great.
yes, most dealers don’t demo classical with customers, so I always ask for it.

hahaha musical snob, nice one.

listing right now, jazz right ? smooth

nice, on the warmer side ?

If my father had not taken me to the Royal Festival Hall in my early teens and I had not heard Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky/Ravel I might have taken up stamp collecting.
A symphony orchestra in full flight is a pretty impressive machine. You can’t beat it.


lucky you, I’m the only person who is really into classical music in my family, all of my friends only listen to bluetooth speakers, no people use hifi system.
so I usually go to symphony , jazz lounge by myself.

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but when I was in age 7 , my mom bought me an album from yo yo ma, I listened to it everyday.
And cello is still one of my favourite.

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It is 50% classical music and 50% jazz around here. If I were listening strictly to classical I would have chosen a more civilised presentation than NAIM, perhaps an LFD or a YBA amplification.


Classical and jazz are my favorite, I also listen to jazz.
I just googled LFD and YBA , they are more tube like sounding right ?
Do you also use tube or tube like amplification?
I demoed Jadis tube pre + amp once with classical , it was really nice, what do you think? How do you compare the sound ?

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You have a really nice room!

Thanks. No, I just use the NAIT 3. The YBA had a more relaxed and transparent sound. They are all good, just a matter of taste.


Yeah agree.
you feel very satisfied for classical and jazz with your Nait3 right ?
You must have that for over 20 years ?

There are lots of myths surrounding this hifi malarkey and one such is that Naim doesn’t do classical but likes to rock. Stuff and nonsense. If the Iron Maiden is your preference it will serve you fine but I and many users have extensive classical collections and listen for hours to R3. Contrary to folklore the dynamics, textures and sheer musical involvement provided by Naim are ideally suited to Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Glass…………………………………….


I mostly, if not only, listen to “Classical” music.

I agree with the fact that classical is probably the most demanding genre for both speakers and electronics.

Reproducing a symphonic orchestra isn’t an easy task, and so is reproducing the piano.

Reproducing the timbre of voices might also be quite challenging.

One thing keeps being true whatever brand is used : the higher you go in product offering, the best the music reproduction is. Naim is no exception.


For many years, decades even, I listened exclusively to classical and eventually ended up with what might be considered a classically oriented system. Front end was a Meridian CD transport, DAC and digital preamp into Musical Fidelity Class A monoblocks into KEF speakers. In many ways it was a fine system, but I found I was listening to less and less music. Then I read a review in Gramophone, the classical music review magazine. It was by Andrew Everard who sometimes posts here, and extolled the virtues of the original Naim Uniti for classical music, so I trotted off to a local dealer who used to stock Naim to have a listen. I actually ended up with a CD5XS/Nait XS rather than a Uniti and went through a number of upgrade cycles before a complete change of my main system a couple of years ago.

So what was good about Naim for classical? PRAT and all that wasn’t really what I was after for my classical listening, rather I think it was the drive, energy and sheer musical communication that appealed most. I certainly listened to a lot more music than with my previous setup and enjoyed it more, too. This was especially true with the 272/XPSDR/250DR I had at the end of my upgrade path.

So why the shift from Naim in the lounge? I’ve thought about that and concluded that there is a spectrum of ways people listen to classical music, focussing primarily on emotional engagement at one end and a purely intellectual experience at the other. For the latter or even the middle of the spectrum, where I am, things like sound staging, hearing inside the orchestra, following antiphonal responses etc matter and some marques may do this a little better, at least to my ears and at my price level. The non-appearance of a successor to the 272 was also a major factor.

One thing my Naim journey (which still continues in my office system) has led to is a large and increasing interest in other genres: jazz, folk, even some rock. This was not what I anticipated when I got my first Naim boxes, but it has been great fun.

That’s a brief account of my personal experience which may go some way to answering the question in your OP.



Can’t abide Cassical music but have been a Naim user since 1983, a good system should give enjoyment to all musical genres.


When I queried the ‘classical doesn’t sound good on Naim’ chestnut with a well-respected Naim dealer, he said that had perhaps been true of the Olive series back in the day, but not about the CB and black Classic kit. I’ve never looked into it that much, mainly because the classical I listen to sounds great on my kit. Friends who are pro and semi-pro classical musicians agree.



Absolutely. 100%.

I remember in the 90’s talking to my Naim dealer about the myth.

He smiled, sat me down and played me Saint Saen’s Organ symphony ( Power Biggs / Ormandy, if I remember correctly ) through an Olive Naim system. I never questioned Classical music through Naim gear again !

I have now been listening to Classical for the last 30 years, through my own Olive Naim system, and never once has it sounded less than fabulous :grinning:


Found him with LPO. Is this the one?

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I’m not sure links are allowed but hope Richard will be okay as this is just for reference Beethoven: Symphony No. 3; Mussorgsky: A Night on the Bare Mountain

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Those would put me in a permanent coma! I dont know why you think a hifi needs to be civilsed to listen to classical music. Add Nagra to the list. :roll_eyes:

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Lindsay, the link would be OK in the music room, but not in the Hifi Corner. This thread seems to be more about who plays classical music on Naim hifi kit, rather than a more general discussion about who listens to classical music, so I’m keeping it in the Hifi Corner.

Oh, and yes, I listen to a fair bit of classical music on my Naim system. Not exclusively though - I Iisten to pretty much all types and genres of music; that’s why I love Naim kit as it doesn’t seem to favour one type over any other.

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