Who’s exercising with Joe Wicks?

I know that @Christopher_M and Tina are fans of Joe and I wonder who else is joining in on YouTube. Hopping like a bunny, keeping their baby in the pouch, climbing the ladder and guessing the capital cities? It’s aimed at children but once you get into it it’s great for big children too. It’s great fun and bloody hard work. Fancy dress on Friday!

Big shout out to HH in Emsworth!

Another fan here - we have all been doing it since the second day. The session today was hard work!

Sorry, I missed your earlier thread.

No apology necessary :slight_smile: As the thread and sunk from trace I thought I was the only one jumping around the lounge with their children!

I do like the way he has changed the routines as the days progress, gradually increasing the intensity. I’d only only ever done aerobic exercise prior (not been in a gym in ten years plus) so I’m definitely noticing the benefits four weeks in of doing a little strength training.


I’ve come down with a horrible cold - sore throat, achy limbs, snotty nose, so I’ll be taking it very easy when we do it later. Scooby, what a great idea.

He must have been so hot in that outfit!

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No, just stick to my turbo trainer and early morning Nordic walking to avoid others due to being on vulnerable persons list.

Having summonsed up the energy by 1pm I really enjoyed this one. Hopping round the room and barking like an excited puppy was the highlight. I rather felt for him in that outfit though!

Impressive that you managed to do an exercise session while under the weather.

Yes, felt somewhat ridiculous doing the, ahem, puppy jumps. Although they were surprisingly hard work on the upper leg muscles I must admit. An easier workout overall compared to Thursdays session.

The barking was the best bit. Once you get over the silliness - it’s aimed at children after all - it adds to the fun. Joe is really inspirational.

Who is Joe Wicks?

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In the words of the man himself, an “absolute barnburner” this morning!

It was a push this morning after a few days off! Big shout out to all forumers ‘doing Joe’!!

Rosie this morning! Still tough. Joe has been in hospital with his wrist over the weekend. Wishing him a good recovery. He’s great for our spirits.

Killer today. And what with the sticking ‘wheel of fortune’!

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