Who’s this then?

This is a well known rock star, done this week, so as he is now. I certainly didn’t recognise him.

You’d look like that if you were not just “ born” but also charged with drink driving in the USA.

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Clearly you’ve seen the same article! Is it me or does it look anything remotely like him?

He was acquitted :upside_down_face:

Didn’t follow the case, that’s how much I care about BS.

But fined $500 for drinking tequila on the beach. I don’t know what’s worse, the fine or the ‘artist’s’ impression.

Definitely the latter

Thought it was sort of Pete Townsend with hair or Leonard Cohen…got that wrong.


I’m not sure the artist was in the right court house. I’m a fan and I never would have guessed it correctly.

It did remind me of the much missed Ted…


Or Clapton without glasses?

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Terry ?






Leonard Cohen has err moved on, unfortunately.

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