Who turns the lights off

Just a quick one…

Does it really make a difference? Cos I like the album art on the NDX 2. And the pre amp lights must draw so little power I can’t see I doing much…

All off here.

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I mean barring keeping Greta happy, did you hear a difference? :joy:

Certainly there are some microresonances that are preceptively less deconstructed as well as a tendency for spatial incoherence when I have not turned off the lights on my 552.

However I do have a very revealing system in an optimised listening environment and I am very perceptive to even the slightest nuances in time decay variances so YMMV.



Bollocks …smiley winky type emoji here to dissipate any perceived hostility.



It doesn’t do anything does it haha…

Mine are staying on

I like the preamp and DAC lights off, so I can see when my remote is successfully reaching them, when they light up briefly.



I’ve not noticed any audible difference, but prefer lights and display off because I generally find them distracting. I prefer to listen in the dark, with as few distractions as possible, so that my focus is on the music and not something else.


Lights off here too but I’m not sure I hear a difference. I do find it annoying that the vertical row of 4 buttons on the NDX2 can’t be switched off.

I think they can…unless I’m mis-remembering?


Now I’m in doubt too. :slight_smile:

I recall reading there are 4 brightness levels that can be selected from the NDX2 remote (which I don’t use) but ‘off’ is not one of them I think?

There are three levels, bright, less bright and very very dim. The dim setting is virtually off but not absolutely off. But it’s sufficiently dim that they are effectively off.

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I have the display lights off on the 252 and CDS3 and I did with the NAT05 when that was in the system. I’ve read it sounds better but can’t really tell if I’m honest. I do prefer the look of the system with just the logos illuminated though.
As for the lights in the listening room, I have low wattage walllights and often go lights out for CD listening.

When I had my CDS3 I found that turning off the display bought subtle but worthwhile improvement in low-level detail retrieval. Background instrumental lines in the mix became easier to follow and more meaningful. The sought of improvement that if it had cost say £100 you would think it was money well spent. Certainly not a night and day thing but it costs nothing and prolongs the life of the display so why not?! I now turn off the displays on my Melco and Moon amp for the same reasons. Maybe they don’t look quite as pretty but at the end of the day I didn’t buy either for it’s looks.

Ever since Martin Collums when reviewing the CD555 felt lights off made things just a little better I have followed suit. Have to say I can’t really hear any difference.

I turn the lighting off on CD555 and the 252 and there is definitely an improvement. Quite subtle.

+1 here. I don’t know if it helps, but it certainly can’t harm and I prefer the visuals with lights off.

My lights & screens are all set for minimal on time.
I’m not convinced this improves anything with SQ, but in theory it should do, so thats good enough. My preference for all off is for the visuals.

All lights off nac & nd here.


Blackout on Supernait 3 and Cd5si here.
Looks better and might last longer. :thinking: