Who's the genius?

at naim who decided to make the supernait2 not compatible with the original’s remote…seriously

especially the display off button…yikes

AFAIK they should both work from any Narcom remote, and indeed, shared the same remote for a while.

Do you have this version Narcom remote shown here?

Is the PRE soft key selected to operate all the pre-amp functions?

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thanks richard, i do have that one

i really wanted to keep it when i sold my supernait as i didn’t like the new one at all
but i guess i never checked all the buttons ie. display and input switch (neither of which woks with the 2)

It should work just as well on the Supernait 2 - as you can see in the picture above, it was initially sent with Supernait 2s until it went out of production and the new remote took its place. Maybe it’s gone faulty?

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